Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: Tudor In Rye

The renovation-addition of this Tudor style home in Rye, New York takes the best about what’s old and twists it into new; and, while maximizing the habitable use of the site, the addition responds to the original parameters of the home and preserves its character and history within the neighborhood.

In addition to the restoring original stucco and timber façade, a new wood-clad entryway was added; this new material appears again as the cladding on the minimalist, abstract box that extends from the rear of the home. This box, a simple rectangle, contrasts and compliments the original Tudor, post and beam gable structure.

The addition is wrapped in a dark, charcoal-stained cedar skin, mimicking the colors found on the existing façade. The new addition creates a new family room and mudroom on the first floor, and a spacious master suite above; a glass stairwell was built between the existing house and the addition, creating a “white space” allowing natural light to filter through to the rooms on each side. The wood, steel, and glass staircase was hung from the existing chimney. The interior is light, bright, modern and open, with rooms full of light and views to the outdoors.

I like this new Twist on Tudor.

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the dogs' mother said...

Interesting take on a classic. :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

This is an amazing redo...reminds me of business up front, party in the back! I like the updates. My aunt and uncle had a HUGE Tudor home when they lived in Westfield NJ. I loved that house. It seemed to have endless French doors and several pocket doors, and one of the biggest kitchens I ever saw....two stoves! They must have sold that for a mint.

Anonymous said...

OH! As they say on TV, I did NOT see that coming!...
Thats quite the posterior.
Not really a fan of the modern Cubism, especially since they dropped one next door in the middle of all our 1924 Bungalows. On the other hand there's a newly built neo-craftsman style nearby that's Huge (6 br, 5 bath!) and equally out of place in spite of it's many gables.
See also for many more hours of architectural insight. :)

Fearsome Beard said...

I rather like that blend of classic and contemporary.

Hot guys said...

Damn, both interior and exterior are flawless! ^_^