Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: Crossword Puzzle House

While the architect, Pitsou Kedem, dubbed this house the AB House, I find it looks more like a crossword puzzle, so, yeah, I changed it.

The perforated panels, placed both on the outside—in white—and inside—in black—can be set in different positions, to change the façade of the home, to change to mood in the rooms, to create better airflow on hot nights.

The house, in Kfar Shmaryahu, north of Tel Aviv, is interesting because of the panels, but also because of the pool that seems to float around the house, and, at one point, above the house.

It’s a large home, roughly 8200 square feet, but made more intimate by the screens, by the spaces, both inside and out, and by the lush gardens that surround it.

I’d like a room at 27 Across, please.


Mistress Maddie said...

STUNNING!!!!!!!! This has my name all over it. You done good this week. That pool alone is amazing.

the dogs' mother said...

Amazing but would drive me nuts! :-)

Moving with Mitchell said...

Very Mid-Century. I'll take the pool... and the bathroom.

Theresa Y said...

I don't normally comment on architecture Wednesdays, just look at the photos. But this is really something else. It would drive me nuts to live in it but still very interesting.

Bob said...

I agree, very cool, but don't know if I could live there!