Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Swamp Dwellers Mike and Susan Pompeo

Mike Pompeo is a homophobe who is pushing an anti-LGBTQ+ agenda that places religious freedoms over our community.

Yawn. I don’t care. Pompeo has used his alleged faith as a weapon forever and he’ll never change … until he dies and gets to Heaven and one of two things happens:

1] There is no Heaven and he realizes he’s been a dumbass his whole life, or …

B] There is a Heaven and upon his arrival God greets him and She tells him there no room for haters so he’ll be given a room downstairs.

So, since you can’t teach an old bigot new tricks, I don’t care. But … Mike Pompeo and his wife, Susan, with their high religious morals and beliefs, use State Department employees as maids and assistants ever since they came to Washington.

In fact, Susan Pompeo—from the Greek for Pompous Bitch, I believe—sent an email from her personal account—Lock her up—to Toni Porter, one of Mike Pompeo’s advisors, to ask that senior State Department staff members work during Christmas week to complete the Pompeo’s personal holiday cards. And because Susan knew this was all kinds of wrong, she also asked to keep the group small so the story wouldn’t get out:
“I see that you are out of the office all next week.  Do you know, is Joe also out? I’m wondering if we are sending the last of our personal cards out, who will be there to help me. Mike will not want to go outside you and Joe for this assistance.”
Porter forwarded the email to Lisa Kenna, executive secretary at the State Department, who volunteered to help write Christmas cards. Kenna warned Porter “about asking others for personal things.”

Swamp Dwellers Mike and Susan Pompeo feel that if you are a State Department employee you are also their beck-and-call men and women, who perform personals services for them on government time …which means We The People pay them.

Let me make this queer: our tax dollars are going to pay the salaries of qualified government employees to do the personal business for the Pompeo’s like picking up laundry, helping around the house and addressing holiday cards.

This is how the swamp works. And if you’re fine with it, with your tax dollars paying for it, you’re the problem.

If you’re not …



Helen Lashbrook said...

This is pretty much par for the course for Trump suckers isn't it? That horse riding dimwit who was head of horse riding to work had people rushing around doing his personal chores. And then there was the bloke who had someone buy him a used Trumposaur hotel mattress among other exciting and unhealthy tasks. Their names escape me (and so do their titles) because the job holders go in and out of the hotel revolving doors so fast it's impossible to keep up.

And that smirking Susie woman is presumably too illiterate to write Merry Christmas from Susie and Mikey in ten cards (mind you they probably don't have that many friends.

anne marie in philly said...

it might be easier to name ONE HONEST MORAL ETHICAL PERSON in the dump dictatorship. go ahead, I'll wait...

the dogs' mother said...

This year they will be 'goodbye' cards!
stay safe, take care, xoxo :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

And yet again...unbelievable how much these worthless, abhorrent, despicable
disgusting, and heinous over weight fat asses are getting away with. I have cheese wire for them all. This country is unbelievable.

Treaders said...

Ha ha, that reminds me of when I used to work for an Indian director in our large international organization. Our organization had "official" Christmas cards and each director could request as many as he wanted. So to say that the Indian Ambassador likely received 30 of the damn things is probably an understatement. I got so fed up of looking up addresses and typing up envelopes that I had my boss (who, more often than not, was three sheets to the wind after lunch) sign them all and told him I would address them later. Took them home and dumped them in the trash!

The Cool Cookie said...

I am voting. I want these people held accountably. Unfortunately, I don't think that is going to happen until something horrific happens.

Bob said...

They're typical self-entitled rich white ReTHUGlicans.

Order in some lunch and dinner, you might be sitting for awhile.

'Goodbye cards'!! Yer killin' me!!

Hopefully it will change soon!

It's the behavior of people who think their employees are less than!

Horrific kike 200,000 DEAD Americans because IMPOTUS didn't want to be bothered is more than enough for me.

Anonymous said...

There is another possibility that could happen and it would be the most devastating to all the religious wingnuts, homophobes and my-way-is-the-only-way zealots. May I offer that:

3. God is a loud and proud member of the LGBTQ community!


Bob said...

I like your idea!

uptonking said...

Amen. Saw this and said... Just another day in the orange ogre's kingdom. Oh.. and that whole heaven thing. Yeah. You know... it ends, just like a movie. The screen goes black, only the lights don't come back up. You just sit in the dark. And after a point, your brain isn't even aware of that. So... eat all the popcorn you want now folks. There's no gold Cadillac waiting, no 700 virgins, no floating around on a cloud. This is as good as it gets. So... enjoy!

Bob said...

Amen to you, or better still, Ah! Men!