Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Architecture Wednesday: Yard Under The Tree

The name of the project, Yard under the Tree, comes from the site environment; the home is surrounded by poplar trees, walnut trees and a large vegetable field. The home was designed and built to accommodate the surrounding trees, mountains and views.

There was a much older old building that existed in the courtyard but had fallen into a state of disrepair and is not consistent with the bright open spaces most people want in their homes even though the original style of the building is quite typical … a memory symbol of local dwellings.

So, it wasn’t torn down and forgotten. The nostalgia of Chinese culture is concentrated in the countryside and this home’s "original taste" is no doubt a continuation of that memory, but there are a variety of problems. Urbanites who come to the countryside yearn for the traditional way of life and yet crave all the modern conveniences.So, the old house became the core of the space and the modern house was built around and beside it.

At the boundary of the terrace, the old and new buildings are joined by a corridor that extends from the outside to the interior of the building, blurring the boundary between the courtyard and the interior. The inner courtyard preserves the original trees and surrounds them with living rooms and tea rooms, open windows and terraces, and the original courtyard.

You live in old and new, and look out onto old and new.

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Moving with Mitchell said...

I love the light, the openness, the flow, and the spaces.

the dogs' mother said...

Walnut trees! Local squirrels harvest
walnuts from a long block and a half
from us and bring them down the street
here to bury them. Walnuts are bad for
Very nice, all the work they did.
Hope you stay dry from latest hurricane!
xoxo :-)

Travel said...

I could live in that. Very nice.

uptonking said...

How lovely. Such clean lines. I get why people invest in their living space. But such an investment... its a commitment I can't bring myself to make. I just inhabit a space, like a hermit crab - as is, until I find another I think more suitable. And I can make anything do. But this house... this is art. And I get that people feel the need to treat themselves on a daily basis by living within their personal vision of space. Thanks for sharing.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I’m all for the new/old vibe. I’m also a sucker for that indoor/outdoor thing they have going on. Incredible light. And those trees!