Thursday, September 17, 2020


Yesterday I was discussing the Chris Evans accident dick pic that blew up the internet this week … of course, this was after a several minute discussion where I had to explain to Carlos who Chris Evans is, because the man knows nothing from pop culture.

But after that, with Carlos up to speed, I told him that Evans had finally responded to the picture with a new Tweet that said:

“Now that I have your attention … VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

And Carlos had the best response when he said:

“Just don’t vote for the dickhead.”

Every so often he gets a good one off.

Tuxedo thinks maybe it’s time to put women un charge and end this misogynistic bull shiz. But then, he’s just a cat …

Maybe if Bob Woodward had said something about _____’s decision to downplay the virus, some people might not have gotten sick … like the thousands who attended any of _____’s six indoor rallies after he acknowledged on those tapes that the virus was lethal and airborne.

But _____ knew, and still held a series of rallies to boost his ego, so, yeah, that’s on him. And so is this …

At his last rally in Nevada, where a crowd of over a thousand was mostly mask-less, _____was asked about the lack of masks. He told the reporter he was more worried about her because she was awfully close to him. And when she reiterated that she was talking about the rally crowd, he replied that he was kept far away from them.

See, he doesn’t care about ‘them,’ even if they attend his rally, he was only concerned about himself.

That should tell you all you need to know!

Meanwhile, back at Chris Evans dick … his brother, Scott Evan, a hot gay cutie, reacted to the brouhaha over the photo by tweeting”

“Was off social media for the day yesterday. So. What’d I miss?”

You missed a dick, but they’re everywhere so ….

This week ______ participated in a town hall, hosted by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and the subject of masks came up. _____ says he often wears them—in hospitals or other places—and then blamed Joe Biden and the Democrats for not instituting a mask- mandate:

“They said at the Democrat Convention…they’re going to do a national mandate, they never did it, because they’re checked out, they never did it.”

His idiot twisted logic caused Joe Biden to Tweet that he cannot mandate a nationwide mask order because:

“I am not currently president.”


In Ego News … Madonna is writing and directing another film, which begs the question, Did no producers or film studios ever see W.E.?

The film is about Madonna’s favorite subject … Madonna … and I imagine she’ll try to use some computer magic to make her play the star of the film.

I see clusterfuck.

Lifetime has just announced that it will produce its first gay-themed Christmas movie, The Christmas Setup, which will star real-life married couple Blake Lee, from Parks and Recreation, and Ben Lewis, from The Handmaid’s Tale).

Lewis plays a New York City lawyer who goes to Milwaukee to spend Christmas with his mom, who meddles in his love life by arranging for him to run into his old crush played by Lee.

Leis and Lee had a much better meet back in 2010 when they randomly met in the men’s room at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for the premiere of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which costarred Lee, who told his friends:

“I just met the man I’m going to marry—at the urinal.”

I’d like to see that film.

Fashion label Patagonia’s latest line of clothing features a rather interesting political message on the tag which many think is Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s way of getting his views across. A statement on the brand’s website emphasizes its investment in the election result and the impact it will have on environmental policy.

I am not a label gay, but I can get behind this one.

South Carolina’s own Lady G, aka Miss Lindsey, AKA ReTHUGlican lapdog Lindsey Graham was left with egg on his face—and he usually prefers some other sticky substance—after his campaign tried to smear his opponent Jaime Harrison by saying Harrison wouldn’t release his taxes. Graham even suggested Harrison was hiding something.

And in an instant Harrison released his tax returns but got the last ;laugh when he Tweeted back at Miss Lindsey:

Done. Now do President _____.”

And … snap!

For the last couple of years, I was hooked on the Starz channel’s Power, about a drug kingpin trying, and failing often, to go straight. To be fair, the hook started when I first saw Omari Hardwicke as Ghost, but that’s just me.

This new reboot of the show is Ghost: Power, Book II, which tells the tale of Ghost’s son Tariq, who may, or may not, become a drug kingpin. But the hotties this season are Daniel Bellomy as Zeke Cross, the star athlete, top right, and Gianni Paolo as Brayden, the rich kid, top right, and the Will He or Won’t He Become a Husband In My Head, Justin Marcel McManus as Jabari Reynolds, the hot teacher.

Keep me after class? Okay!


the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Chortle 'not currently president'
take care, xoxo :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

Just imagine if women tried to tell men what to do with their sexual organs; you must be castrated, you will be sexually neutered....etc., etc.. You would hear the shrieks of outrage from Jupiter

Treaders said...

Well done Jaime Harrison. Checkmate I think!

Helen Lashbrook said...

and yes it is okay to call the Trumposaur administration Nazis because that's exactly what went on in places like Auschwitz

Frank said...

Not into pop culture either but definitely won’t vote for the dickhead

Jimmy said...

Finally a gay movie with gay people! I gave to Jamie Harrison months ago.

Mistress Maddie said...

Carlos is on this week heh? but Tuxedo is always sharp as a tact.

I still can't believe, of all places they put the Asshole in the Constitution Center of all places for a town hall. Surprised the building didn't colipase. But of his indoor rallies...he said it didn't bother him...."I was way up here my by myself...they were all down there." That should tell his naïve and dumb shit base right there he doesn't care. If he wasn't nervous why not go down in there in the maskless crowd and shaking a few hands?????

I need a Scott and Chris and Maddie samwich!!!!!

Aunt Pitty Pat is a mess. I gave to Harrison. It fun watching these two queens go at it. Aunt Pitty wasn't happy. She probably has her jowls around a cock now as we speak.

BootsandBraids said...

Whaaaat! Chris Evans posted a "dick pic"? Captain America did that? I'm off to scour the internet in hopes of finding out what's behind that shield.

anne marie in philly said...

RIGHT ON TUXEDO! AND HELEN! I'm in the "married with no kids" block.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ohh love the new banner! Love it!
And Tuxedo is, as always, right. That kitty needs to run for office.
Cheeto is, as always, a disgrace. As is Lady G. Ugh and there's a possibility that he keeps his post. I cannot believe this country.
Yay Patagonia and Lifetime! About time.
And I don't get Starz. Should I?
This last ICE scandal (there's been many) with the hysterectomies? A disgrace. Nazi Germany is right!


Bob said...

Joe Biden, comedian!

Men's big heads and their tiny penises would explode!

That was quite the clap-back!


I hope most people feel the same.

I, too, gave to Jaime!

When Carlos makes a funny, it's a great thing!
Scott and Chris? Yum!
It's a very close race between Lady G and Jaime, and I'm hoping Jaime gets the win.

He did. I saw it. It's a dick.

Tuxedo is quite the feminist!

Just a little something I whipped up this morning. My election quilt.
Tuxedo in office? He has a rather sordid past!
That ICE business is vile. It is NOT America, or, at least it shouldn't be.

uptonking said...

Madonna's new movie? Just another chapter in all that is AWESOME. I love madge. bad madge, evil madge, ungrateful madge, mean madge. LOVE HER. She's kind of like The Joker? Only her mouth is cut a little sharper.

Love Tuxedo. And, I, too, don't know a thing about Chris Evans. I think about a Helmsworth brother? I dunno. Not my thing... bland, blonde, boring.

The orange ogre is having quite a week. ABC, then that press confernce. What is next? A cooking segment?

Thanks for the news feed. Love it.

Michael said...

It would make my day if Miss Lindsey would lose the election in SC.

Dave R said...

I thought you knew, the Idiot Jerk has only ever cared about himself.

I'm sure Scott has already seen Chris multiple times. Did you see the clip where Chris gives him that haircut?

Yeah, like blaming Biden for no mask mandate. Can't wait for the debates.

Who's madonna? what's w.e?

Bob said...

Glad you're enjoying.
Yes, Tuxedo rules!

Oh, me, too; me, too!

_____ at a debate: Me, good! Obama-Biden, Bad. His answer to every question.

Travel said...

So many thing here worth reading today, THANK YOU!

Moving with Mitchell said...

See? Sometimes Carlos really is listening!

Bob said...

Glad you enjoyed!

That was the most shocking thing of all!