Wednesday, September 16, 2015

She May Not Be Miss America, But Miss Mississippi Rocks

I don’ watch beauty pageants; I am not that gay, and by that I mean I am not that kind of gay. But if I did watch them, I might be cheering Hannah Roberts, Miss Mississippi, this morning.

See, Roberts, a biochemistry graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi, set fire to social media the other night when, during the Q&A, she was asked this question:
“Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was jailed for defying the Supreme Court’s order to issue same-sex marriage licenses. She claims the order violates her religious freedom. Does it?”
Roberts was given twenty seconds to answer but said her piece with time to spare:
“It absolutely does not violate her religious freedom. That is her job that she was voted into doing, and that law is a federal law throughout the rest of the country. So, yes, she did violate the law there. Thank you.”
No, Hannah Roberts, thank you.


the dogs' mother said...

Give that woman a crown. Wait, another crown!

Michael Dodd said...

One cannot help wondering why so many political figures find it impossible to reply so clearly, succinctly and accurately when questioned about anything whatsoever.

Mitchell is Moving said...

And to think that came out of a Mississippi Belle. There is hope!

anne marie in philly said...


Raybeard said...

I was about to use the word 'succinct' too, but I see that Michael, above, already has. So I'll say "concise and to the point" - as well as being 100% accurate.

Helen Lashbrook said...

And she's majoring in biochemistry! Perhaps lawyers should take note....brevity and clarity in under 20 seconds....oops that's not what law is all about!