Thursday, September 17, 2015

Random Musings

I always thought it was kind of gay, and now, apparently, it will be.

I got ahead o myself … NBC has announced it is remaking the ’70s TV crime/drama/romance show Hart to Hart — which starred Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers—and will reboot it around a gay couple.

I suggest a new title, Hard ...Too Hard?

I’ll stop. Though i might suggest Michael C. Hall and Mathew St. Patrick, who were so great as a couple on Six Feet Under.
For anyone who thinks that 14-year-old Texas student Ahmed Mohammed, who was arrested and handcuffed for bringing a homemade clock to school, wasn’t targeted because of his race, I say, STFU.

Oh ... and this is funny:

On Sundays Carlos makes pancakes for breakfast and he makes all kinds and sizes and shapes and flavor, but last week he made some lemon pancakes and, afterwards, there was so much flour spread around the kitchen I felt like I was in a Studio 54 bathroom circa 1978 or looking at a coffee table at whatever flophouse Lohan is squatting in these days.

Just sayin’.
So, last week I got a comment on a post about Project Runway — PR 14 Ep 1: Let The Games Begin — from a Gregory Patterson:

At first I wondered what in the hell he was talking about and then I realized he was Gregory Patterson, the hottie from Sally Beauty whom I was drooling about to all of you, and you were drooling back at his cuteness.

And he is cute ….
I loves me some Empire and I am a huge Diana Ross fan, so imagine my heart palpitations when I learned that Miss Ross is in talks for a cameo role on the Fox show because the creator Lee Daniels, is as in love with her as I.

When asked who he would most like to see on the show, Daniels replied:
“Diana Ross. I’m obsessed with Diana Ross.”
And even Taraji P. Henson, Cookie on Empire, and the show’s resident diva, will make room for Ross should this all work out:
“My wish would be for Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams to play [Cookie’s] parents.”
In the This Creeps Me Out file, I heard this week that  Whitney Houston’s hologram is going on tour next year. Seriously.

And how sad would that be if Dead Whitney is better, um, “live” than Live Whitney?
Facebook is working on a dislike button and I say, "Why do you need to do that when I already have one?"
Last, I have a real true, not funny or snarky, thought about the GOP debates and the so-called journalist, Jake Tapper, who covered it.

Tapper asked [t]Rump how he would pay for and implement his plan to deport 12 million undocumented workers on his first day in office since most of the more rational Republicans — yes, an oxymoron — say it can’t be done, and [t]Rump just said he could do it because he said he could do it.

And Jake Tapper let that slide.

Have me moderate the next GOP clownfest and I won’t let these idiots get by with not answering or giving non-answers.

Seriously,. Do your jobs journalists and moderators.


mistress maddie said...

Diana Ross is going to make a cameo and you were able to be a post? I'm surprised your not still hospitalized!!! Hart to Hart reboot? I am over the reboots already. And thank goodness you clarified that picture of coke, I mean pancake batter. yeah, that's it. Pancake batter.

the dogs' mother said...

Will keep an eye out for Gregory Patterson tonight!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Thank you for the pic of Big Ben (sorry now renamed the Elizabeth Tower or somesuch - so much for history). Have sent out to all my friends! Now we know it is a bomb in disguise we will keep away from the Houses of Parliament. With any luck it will detonate on firing (5th November?) and take out all the rubbish politicians - beat that Guy Fawkes!

viktor kerney said...

We are all obsessed with Miss Ross