Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Gosh, I'm Sick Of Crazy ... And I'm Lookin' At You, Huckabee!

Mike Huckabee is pissy, again.

After a federal judge jailed Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis for illegally refusing to let her office issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the Huckster began crying about the so-called War on Christianity:
"Kim Davis in federal custody removes all doubts about the criminalization of Christianity in this country."
Um, no, Mike, that’s a lie. She was jailed for refusing to do the job for which she was elected. And let’s me make this perfectly queer, Mike, the government that sent her to jail gave her an out, offering to accommodate her religious beliefs and releasing her from jail if she allowed her deputy clerks, who were more than willing to do so, to issue licenses to same-sex couples. She refused, so she’s staying in jail, though now she’s begging for release because, you know, it’s jail. And she is, to put it simply, in jail not because she expressed her religious beliefs but because she tried to impose her religious beliefs on everyone else and broke the law to do so.

So stop playing this Kim Is A Martyr game, Huckabee. Most people — save those rabid wingnuts you call your base — fully understand that she chose not to do her job and then blamed it on God, and, if she felt that strongly about it, she should have simply resigned. Oh, except that her Fifteen Minutes of Fame might never have appeared if she’d just done the right thing.

And now Huckabee is basically saying that, if he was President — and giggler all you want because you know that will never happen — American citizens will be free to obey only the laws with which they agree; anti-discrimination laws, drug laws, tax laws will all be subject to the whims of an individual’s religious beliefs.

And that’s true, because that’s just what Huckabee said in an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos about his support for Davis:
"We had so many different presidents, including Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln — there were other founders like Hamilton, Adams — who made it very clear that the courts can't make a law. The Constitution is expressly clear that that's a power reserved to Congress. When the courts have a ruling, then it is incumbent on Congress to codify that into law and specifically delineate what that means. That hasn’t happened."
Naturally, because it doesn’t suit his particular brand of crazy, Huckabee failed to note that it’s been established for centuries that when the Supreme Court hands down a ruling, it become the law of the land.

But, and this is where Huckabee goes off the rails, when Stephanopoulos asked if Kim Davis had a "duty to obey a legal order from the court" Huckabee said, “No”:
"Well, you obey it if it’s right. “
And that’s the rub, Mike Huckabee wants to be president of a country where you obey only the laws that you think are right.

And when Stephanopoulos pushed further, and reminded Mike Huckabee that "the federal government now recognizes same-sex marriage for tax purposes. Health, Social Security and death benefits go to same-sex couples," and then asked him if he "would you resign rather than carry out those policies" Huckabee refused to answer that question.

Because he’s pandering to the base and knows he’s wrong in every single sentence that he utters. Still, the good thing is that we will never find out if a President Mike Huckabee would resign rather than enforce same-sex marriage laws because this country will never have a President Mike Huckabee.


anne marie in philly said...

the huckster is an evil asshat!

the dogs' mother said...

I'm curious about his pledge to go to jail for her....

Don Urban said...

I really feel for these right wing christians (yes all lower case) they just can't catch a break. It must be tough growing up white and christian- kids always harassing you, calling you whitey, getting discriminated against and getting harassed in the street for just being a christian...oh wait, hang on.

Dave R said...

He's not really running for President, just drumming up the base to support his next book, I understand the working title is "The Kim and I."

Helen Lashbrook said...

Your politicians are so more flamboyant and off the wall than ours; must be that stiff upper lip keeping all the crazy in

Raybeard said...

Well said, Helen, and very likely true. I often wish our British politicians were more openly 'colourful', but then I see specimens like this twerp and I suddenly feel grateful.