Thursday, September 24, 2015

Random Musings

So, last week [t]Rump had someone in the crowd at one of his Crazy Rallies stand up and say Muslims were our biggest problem in America and that President Obama is a Muslim and he said nothing and his poll numbers went up.

So, naturally, 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Ben Carson, who brings up Jesus every other minute in his speeches, says we should never have a Muslim president because “their religion is very much a part of [their] public life.”

Sadly, he wasn’t as embraced for his hatred of Muslims like [t]Rump and now Carson is walking back his comments because pandering didn’t work … this time.
Remember that scene in Poltergeist where the mom clears the table and walks away, but when she comes back all the chairs are stacked on the table?

I was thinking we had our own poltergeists in the house, because every time I straighten out these kitchen mats, I turn right around and see this …

But here’s our darling poltergeist, Miss Consuelo Roca Jones.
Kim Davis is talking and sounding every bit like an illiterate hillbilly, and claiming that what hurts her most is when people say "God doesn't love her."

Huh, cuz that’s the same thing Christians tell gay folks every single day.
In the height of hilarity, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who never met a meal he didn’t want to have … twice … has given the leader of New Jersey's National Guard, Air Force Brigadier Gen. Michael Cunniff, ninety days to lose weight.

Pot.Kettle.Pass the doughnuts.
We have a pair of hotties this week … because love is hot.

ABC news reporter Gio Benitez took his boyfriend, actor Tommy DiDario, to Paris last week and, at the Eiffel Tower, dropped to one knee and proposed.
Congrats to the hot happy couple.

In corporate greed news … Martin Shkreli, the CEO Turing Pharmaceuticals, bought a drug company that made a pill called Daraprim used by people with cancer or HIV/AIDS and instantly raised the price of a single pill from $13.50 to $750 because, in America, it’s less about the health and welfare of our citizens and more about how many coins we can stuff in our pocket.

Oh, and for the record, it costs just a dollar to make Daraprim, so even the $13.50 was a huge mark-up.

In an update, however, Shkreli, now the most hated man in America, has announced he will drop the price of Daraprim, though he has decided on a new figure.

When the dust settles we’ll probably learn he’s drop it to $748.00 a pill.

And with Miss Jones in the kitchen tearing up the rugs, I checked on the other kids …

Tuxedo loved that we had a rainy day and spent the morning “gargoyling” the front yard, while MaxGoldberg hated the cold and snuck into one of the bathrooms for some quite, while Ozzo just crawled into one of his three … yes, three … dog beds throughout the house.

Last week Fox News failed to air a report about a new election poll saying [t[Rump was still leading and because [t]Rump has an ego the size of his hair, he got pissy about being ignored and declared he would boycott Fox news because they’re mean to him.

Fox News then issues a statement saying that before [t]Rump dumped them, they canceled an interview with him.

Infighting in fun.
Meanwhile, back to Kim Davis, who is the inspiration for a character in a new lesbian soft-core porn novel about a rightwingnut who finds love in an all-female prison after being jailed for taking a religious stand on marriage.

Looks like maybe Kim might be headed for her fifth marriage in the book ... which you can buy on Amazon for 99 cents. 
The best thing I saw on Facebook this week ... Carly Fiorina says she would defund Planned Parenthood and someone posted that, rather than defund it, she should be named its CEO and then she could just run it into the ground.

Something she already knows how to do.


anne marie in philly said...

says I: "we should never have a xtian president because their religion is very much a part of [their] public life." (fixed it for carson)

Miss Consuelo Roca Jones could NEVER do anything like that; look at that innocent face!

"God doesn't love her." - karma's a bitch, ain't she, asshat kim!

Pot.Kettle.Pass the doughnuts. - I thought the same thing when I read this. the general should do it ONLY if krispy kreme does it with him!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, such a cute couple in luv!

and cute furkids too!

the dogs' mother said...

always enjoy kitty and doggy pictures :)

Michael Dodd said...

As has been pointed out in the context of the word homophobia, -phobia means fear. So are these people saying they are afraid of Islam and proud to be afraid? Sounds kind of wimpy to me.

mistress maddie said...

Kim Davis sounding like a hillbilly? She IS a hillbilly!!! A hot couple is right!!!! How romantic! And it was so nice to see the kids. Is it me, or does poor Ozzo always look on alert and worried?

Bob Slatten said...

I think Ozzo is always wondering why I'm taking his picture.

Biki Honko said...

We had a doggie who carried around one of our bathroom mats. We never saw her laying on it, she would just dart into the bathroom pick up the mat and carry it around with a worried look on her face. When I took it from her, she always looked so relieved. Silly doggie!

Those two fellas are so hot I'm surprised the Eiffel Tower didn't slump a bit.

Pot. Kettle. Black. Indeed.

Between Miss Multi Married Kim, the clown car GOP race to the Oval Office, Tumpet, and the Duggers, I'm sick of them all. I sure do wish our elections could only run 6 weeks!

Raybeard said...

Good stuff here, a lot of it rib-tickling, but it was the pussies (plus one other) that have made my day - and the sun has only just arisen!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I'm too disgusted to say anything about anything except those wonderful cats. Dudo and Consuelo Jones would have a great time together re-decorating.

Helen Lashbrook said...

My Max the cat sympathises with Miss Consuelo Jones. Max is tearing up rugs too; in his case it is because he has been kept in for a month (how much longer can I go on?) following an accident to his paw. Paw now healed but Max keeps ripping paw and lower leg to pieces licking it, so he is now on a 20cm dog buster collar to keep tongue well away from paw. The vet has put him on Valium!

Debbie said...

By saying nothing Trump agreed with the yahoo who asked him that ridiculous question, but Trump IS an asshole. Ben Carson, for being such a Christian, wasn't very Christian when speaking about Muslims. I find it AMAZING that "good Christians" like Ben Carson are incapable of seeing their own hatred.

Kim Davis really believes that GOD is "on her side" ... eyes rolling. Married four times, divorced thrice and an expert at determining everyone else's "sinfulness"... did you hear that Trump and SEVEN other Republican politicians are going to have a dinner to "honor" her for defending her beliefs?!?!?!?

Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario ... dayum they're cute.

Marti Shkreli needs to get cancer.

When I see your kittys I want a kitty :(