Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Tribeca Loft Reno

What do you do with a 130-year-old soap factory? Well, if you have the money, and you’re in La Grande Apple, you take that space and make it into a fabulous home.

So now, the top floor and the roof of that old warehouse are living life anew as a warm and welcoming residence with an expansive entertaining area, what looks almost like a floating greenhouse, and a huge rooftop terrace with views to die for.

The residence is part of the old warehouse mezzanine, with a sunken interior court and a retractable glass roof that connects to the planted green roof garden above.

It’s hip and funky and retro and industrial and green and view-worthy and fabulous.


mistress maddie said...

" What do you do with a 130-year-old soap factory? " I was going to say drop the soap! I absolutely love this repurposed space!!!!! My favorites here...the dinningroom and the staircase with the stunning glass enclosed greenhouse. Staircases are very important for that all too important "entrance"

Anonymous said...

That's what I call a loft. Love the fiddle leaf fig.