Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My Two Cents on Kim Davis

I haven’t talked much about Kim Davis for a few reasons: I think she’s a loon and once she gets help maybe she’ll be okay … or, she’s just looking to become the It Girl of the GOP and, well, why would I help her … or, she’s an idiot.

I keep coming back to the idiot one and I’ll tell you why: when Kim Davis was elected to her position by the people of her county— and I’ll let that one alone — and here’s the oath she took before she was allowed to take office:
"I, Kim Davis., do swear that I will well and truly discharge the duties of the office of Rowan  County Circuit Court clerk, according to the best of my skill and judgment, making the due entries and records of all orders, judgments, decrees, opinions and proceedings of the court, and carefully filing and preserving in my office all books and papers which come to my possession by virtue of my office; and that I will not knowingly or willingly commit any malfeasance of office, and will faithfully execute the duties of my office without favor, affection or partiality, so help me God."
So it’s clear she swore to execute the duties of her office — one of which is to give marriage licenses to any couple in Kentucky who is legally able to wed — and then broke that part of her oath so Kim Davis does not tell the truth, even when she swears to it.

Now, i will give it to her that when she was elected gay folks couldn't marry, so maybe she didn't foresee this little wrinkle. But, the moment marriage equality became the law of the land, the moment Kim Davis knew she would have to sign a same-sex couple's marriage license, and she knew she couldn't do it because God, she should have resigned.

But, and this is where Kim Davis’ religious beliefs get murky because right there at the end she swore to God that she would do her job and then opted out because of, wait for it, God.

Yup, she said, “God, I’ll do this job. I’ll do all of this job. I’ll do everything they ask of me, God.”

And then she decided not to do it because, again, wait for it, God.

Oh, Kim, God is not happy with you at all. No, ma’am, She is not happy with you at all because you made a promise to Her and then you broke it.


Joe said...

I find it interesting that Republicans are rallying around a woman who is a Democrat, at least she was elected as a Democrat, according to what I read on the Washington Post.

anne marie in philly said...

this jeebus is such a sham, a faker! and kim is making a mountain out of a molehill; resign AND GO AWAY!

the dogs' mother said...
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jadedj said...

I agree with anne marie in philly. None of this has anything to do with Jesus or God (nor, should it), but that is her shtick. I call, bullshit...the woman is a charlatan. Not to mention bigot and hypocrite.

You are absolutely correct. That oath of office is the telling tale on her sorry ass.

the dogs' mother said...

Ah, we know have Presidential candidates circling!

Sadie J said...

I'm not defending her in any way, shape or form, but I suspect she is being used by the lawyer group that is defending her-- that their recommendations toward martyrdom are to further their own cause. And she isn't intelligent enough to see it.

Bob Slatten said...

She's being represented by the Liberty Council, a virulently anti-LGBT group, so yeah, she's being used.