Tuesday, September 01, 2015

In Alabama If You Complain About Racism You Get Punished

I’m funny. Seriously. I’m hilarious. And, while I admit that I have been known to take a joke to far —, hey, I never said I was smart — I do know what’s really funny and what’s really not.

Unfortunately, Brian McCracken and his friend Brian McDowell don’t know from funny, but apparently are great friends with Stupid and Racist.

At a practice for the Boaz youth cheerleaders, McCracken, the team's assistant vice president, and his friend McDowell showed up wearing shirts that read: “The original boys in the hood” — with a picture of a burning cross and a KKK member — and one that said “White Pride”.

And one person, former volunteer cheerleading coach Kayleigh Tipton was not amused:
"It's awful. I mean, I don't stand for it; I don't want my kids around it. No one I know wants their kids around anything like that."
And so, because she was offended by Stupid and Racist she did what one might expect; she complained to the North Alabama Youth Football and Cheerleading League, and that’s when its Commissioner, Kenny Jones, took action.

He officially barred all such items of apparel from all NAYF events, and then he banned Kayleigh Tipton from returning as a volunteer though he wants y’all to know it had “nothing” to do with her voicing her concerns:
"There was some parent concerns of some drama that was going on so we had to go in, evaluate, do our diligence and see what actions were necessary.”
Let me get this queer; two men show up to a practice in Stupid and Racist shirts, and a woman complains. Then the legume says no one will be allowed to wear such shirts any more, and the woman is also asked to leave because of the “drama”?

Maybe the league should have told those parents — who probably, I think, have their own Stupid and Racist shirts at home in their closets next to their hooded sheets — that they cannot attend the practices or the games.

Seriously, I know it’s Alabama and all, but since when does complaining about racists shirts gets one banned from being a volunteer?


the dogs' mother said...

Sounds like one of those reality shows.

anne marie in philly said...


Jeffrey Rich said...

But, sweetie, it's BOAZ. You just don't know. I live near there.

Helen Lashbrook said...

It must be me being thick, but surely it is the assistant coach and his racist friend who should be banned?