Monday, February 01, 2010

Ebrard Stands his Ground In Mexico City

I never realized it before, but it looks like Marcelo Ebrard is Spanish for Gavin Newsom.

Ebrard, as you may recall, is the Mayor of Mexico City who gave the okay for marriage equality there recently. And, in the face of opposition from, who else, the Catholic Church, and his conservative foes, Ebrard says he plans to defend the capital's gay-marriage law and insists the ordinance will take effect in March despite an appeal by federal prosecutors.

Mayor Marcelo Ebrard says the federal appeal on constitutional grounds is wrong. He says nothing in Mexico's constitution prohibits same-sex marriage or adoption by gay couples.

The city's legal adviser, Leticia Bonifaz, said the first gay marriages will be performed in early May while the Supreme Court hears the case; the federal Attorney General's Office filed a challenge with the Supreme Court arguing the law violates constitutional provisions on the family and the protection of children.

The law is a first for Latin America.

And so is Mayor Ebrard.

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Old Midhurstian said...

A man that has my complete admiration. Sadly I can see him getting destroyed by the time he next has to stand for election. That will be everybody's loss.