Monday, February 22, 2010

Stepping Backward

Apparently the state Senate in Kentucky hasn't heard of a little thing I like to call, 'separation of church and state' because they have approved a bill that would allow teaching of the Bible....I know! public schools.

And they approved it unanimously.

This proposal gives schools the option to offer Bible classes as a social studies credit.

Democratic Senator David Boswell, sponsor of the bill, says the Bible lessons would be based up on literature, art, cultural, and social aspects of the Bible, and so the classes would be constitutionally sound.

So, are they teaching history, with the Bible as an alternative resource?

Not really. Another Senator. asshat Julian Carroll, believes that passing the measure is the moral thing to do, saying, "We took the Bible out of our schools, but we put nothing back. When we took the Bible out of the schools, we also unfortunately took out that portion of the Bible which relates to life skills, which relates to value systems. And so our students these days do not have the full opportunity, in my judgment, to be taught those life skills and value judgments that keep them out of our penitentiaries ..."

Senator Carroll? Dipwad? Schools do not teach morality. Parents should teach their children moral lessons; their churches should give them the skills and value judgement they need. Not the public schools.

i don't get it with these wingnuts. They bitch and complain about government intrusion into their lives and then they for more intrusion. Bible study in public schools. Sheesh.


froggy said...

Giving away my age but I was read Bible stories in public school in Canada.
Also had a comparative religions class in high school, mid-70s, and came home and told my mother I was no longer a Christian. Every wingnut's worst nightmare. But I expect it was coming as my parents started attending the Unitarian Church when they moved to Louisiana. Though it was a uniquely 'southern' version as one fellow used to wear a t-shirt that said 'Save the Whales, Nuke Jane Fonda'.

kent said...

The same bill is trying to be passed in Oklahoma.... Don't be surprised if it doesn't surface in the carolina's.

Kyle said...

Saw this coming. Via this precedent I'm sure these classes will be popping up all over the south.

I actually don't have a problem with it Bob, unless they breach the separation of church and state, which they are being careful to avoid.

Look at it this way. It is the easiest way to create future atheists and agnostics. Actually, read the bible and you can't help but set yourself set free from it.