Thursday, February 18, 2010

Virginia Takes Two Steps Back.......To The 60's

Republican asshat, and wingnut Virginia Governor, Robert McDonnell has signed an executive order barring discrimination in the state workforce on grounds that include race, sex, religion and age.

Not, however, on sexual orientation.

Nothing new for this homophobe, though; he has a long-standing position on the issue of legal protections based on sexual orientation. McDonnell even criticized his two Democratic predecessors for including language about it in their similar executive orders, arguing they overstepped their executive authority by extending protections to gay employees.

McDonnell's goosetsepping spokeswoman Stacey Johnson said in a statement that the administration has been reviewing all previous executive orders since taking office, and that McDonnell opposes discrimination; she released a policy memo he recently sent to staff members and Cabinet secretaries indicating that his office would not discriminate "for any reason."

Unless you're gay.

But then, that's not really discrimination, is it?


Dan said...

I am so tired of being treated like a second cvlass fucking citizen and having my president do nothing about it!

Paul Benjamin said...


Mark in DE said...

VA's anti-gay attitude is one of th reason's we moved out of the state.