Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Another Homophobic Media Whoring Lying Asshat

So, just yesterday I posted the story about Miss Beverly Hills and her homophobic rant about God killing The Gays. Well, it seems as if little Miss Bigot Lauren Ashley wasn't exactly who she claimed to be; go figure.

The City of Beverly Hills says she is a fraud and disavows any connection with her, according to the L.A. Times reports:
"In a statement Wednesday, the city said it was shocked by Ashley's description of herself as 'Miss Beverly Hills.' The city 'does not sponsor a beauty pageant and has no association with Miss California USA. As such, there should be no individual claiming the title of Miss Beverly Hills.' The city's statement said Ashley lives in Pasadena and 'does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity.' ... 'We are dismayed by any potential association with the city of Beverly Hills, which has a long history of tolerance and respect,' Mayor Nancy Krasne said....Beverly Hills said it had contacted pageant officials to determine how to prevent any future beauty contestants from claiming the title of Miss Beverly Hills."


froggy said...

Well, now that's just strange.

RAD said...


Paul Benjamin said...

Why wouldn't the state of California want to associate themselves with someone who has this much credibility? :)

What a tool!

robertga99 said...

what is up with California? prop 8, Prejean and now this asshat. Damn, I thought that would be a more liberal state

Joy said...