Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Puppet Cleavage EVER!!!!!!!!

Avenue Q, the Tony-winning musical, is on tour and raising all sorts of ruckus in Colorado before it even opens. It seems that the ad for the show, featuring Lucy T. Slut, one of the shows fuzzy stars, has been banned from bus shelters in Colorado Spring because of, it's true, the dreaded “puppet cleavage.”

Jeff Moore, an account executive at Lamar Advertising that rejected the ads, told The Colorado Springs Gazette, “If I have to explain it to my four year old or my grandmother, we don’t put it up.”

So, what exactly is wrong with the ad, Jeff?

“It’s the fact that it’s cleavage,” he said.

The image was replaced with photos of other characters from the adult puppet musical, and, when contacted by about the ad, Lucy T. Slut said:

“When my public relations people told me that my cleavage was banned from the bus shelters of Colorado Springs, my first thought was: ‘they could fit my cleavage on a little bus shelter?!’ Then I was disappointed—I simply hoped to further beautify the community. However, given my notoriety as a profligate home-wrecker, I suppose all of the men of Colorado Springs might succumb to my generous charms. My bazooms are widely acknowledged as a threat to the traditional family structure.”

Sorry Lucy, Colorado Springs, nationally known as an ultra-conservative town, is steadfastly against puppet tits.

Their loss.

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madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

I saw Avenue Q in New York a few years back shortly after it first opened. It was hilarious. At the time I worked for an investment banker, who was a closeted gay man in his 70's...and a Republican!

There was a line in the show where one of the puppets says something to the effect of "He's an investment banker and gay...AND a Republican? What good is he?!"

I swear the show's writer MUST have know who he was.

Anyway, back to bozoooms. If tits on a puppet are such a big issue, then we got BIGGER problems.