Thursday, December 29, 2022


We usually have a nice quiet Christmas, just the two of us at home, with a nice dinner and some solitude, but this past weekend our friends, the Round-The-Way Gays, Neal and David, called to see if we wanted to have drinks with them on Christmas evening. I was in the shower when Neal called so Carlos told him he’s ask me and then text back the answer. I thought it’d be nice, so I changed plans to have our dinner earlier in the day and then do cock-a-tales with The Boys around 5 and told Carlos to text back.

Christmas evening at 5PM we were knocking on their door, but we saw no lights on; Neal came to the door dressed in what I would consider pajamas—because it’s what I would wear around the house on a stay-at-home day—and I said:

“It’s not today, is it?”

“Well, it was but Carlos never texted back so I thought y’all maybe wanted to stay in.”

Carlos swore he texted; Neal swore he never got one: I checked my group text and there was nothing. All eyes turned to Carlos.


After much debate I looked through his phone and he had written a text but  it had not been delivered. So, we’re looking into the New Year, and this time I’m the one texting back.

Poor Carlos, we almost had him fully gaslighted.

I think Tuxedo needs to put his investigate journalist hat on and get to the bottom of this story. He’s onto something …

Rapist Bill Cosby is said to be planning a new comedy tour in 2023 and my questions are: is it a For Ladies Only show and is there a two-drink minimum.

#LargeMarge is under fire after accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being “complicit” in the January 6 insurrection.

Yes, according to a serial adulterer and liar, Nancy Pelosi, who was being hunted by the mob, had some hand in the attack.

Funny, though, #LargeMarge asked for a pardon in the days following 1/6.

Sometimes at work I can be very quiet, putting my head down and just working away silently, and it tends to freak people out.

“Why is he so quiet?”

“Is everything okay?”

“Ask him.”

“You ask him.”

Finally a coworker  comes up to me and says, quietly:

“You’re so quiet.”

I don’t bother to look up and I say:

“Y’all should try it.”

And then they do.

Lying Long Island Representative-elect George Santos came clean this week admitting he lied about being Jewish; he lied about his grandparents escaping the Holocaust, he lied about his education, he lied about having a college degree, he lied about places he worked, he lied about being married to a woman, and swore he was married to a man though no proof of that wedding exists either.

Democrats are calling for him to resign but the GOP is mostly standing with him because when you are a party of liars one more is no big deal.

Pope Francis has announced his predecessor Benedict XVI is “very sick” and his health had “worsened” and asked people “for a special prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict.” 

Hard pass.

Of note: we are off for a quick weekend getaway to one of our favorite places on the planet and, other than a pre-planned post, all will be quiet on the ISBL Front until Monday.

HNY y’all.

Mike Piek was Mister Grand Netherlands in 2018. He isn’t just a hot model with a great head of hair, he also works as a schoolteacher for children with physical and mental problems. Still, that doesn’t matter: Would You Hit It?


  1. Oh, that tweet and its never-ending, paranoid, run-on sentence! A sure mark of an obsessed, disordered mind.

  2. Have a great weekend away! Happy New Year!

  3. How to quiet your co-workers...with a (not so) subtle put down. Love it.

  4. Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy your weekend getaway. I also like quiet when I'm working, which I have now that I'm working at home––other than the occasional spate of Penelope barking because she's seem something from the living room window. Yeah, I'd hit it. Nice butt. As usual, donald makes no sense. Santos is pathetic, as are the other Republicans who are happy to have another liar in the party as long as the liar can be elected. What really got to me because it's hilariously horrible is his claim that he didn't say he was Jewish. He's Jew-ish. Ba-da-bump.


  5. Turns out I'm "Clairvoyant" as well because the moment I read "and told Carlos to text back" I knew where this was heading. Your giving a hard pass on praying for the pope made me feel better about giving the television the finger when I saw someone asking us to pray for him.

  6. (Carlos) (Tuxedo)
    Have a great time on your get-away.
    xoxo :-)

  7. I think Frankie has a cheek asking people to pray for a man who refused to seriously investigate the sexual corruption of RC clergy. Pray for those caught up in Putrid's evil war and the poor victims of Russian Window Disease - yet another one down this week. I can't understand why this dread disease has not spread to the rest of the world in the way covid did.

    Have fun but don't forget to come back!

    1. PS It turns out that Santos' mother died on 9/11 as well as on 23/12/16 - sounds like a crime story "the woman who died twice".

  8. That George Santos story is a head-spinner, isn't it?! Anyone else would have been forced to resign ages ago when confronted with such blatant lies. But modern Republicans have brought us all to a whole new low! (In all fairness, how did no one uncover these untruths until AFTER the election?!)

    I can't believe Bill Cosby thinks anyone would buy a ticket to see him. The guy is box-office poison.

    And...clairvoyant?! What?!

  9. Happy New Year to you, Carlos, and the kids!!

    Travel safe!! Do we need to get one of those child harnesses for Carlos so he doesn't wonder off? Something Eagleish!!

    I tell you, Carlos keeps you on your toes. We love it that way.



  10. Now Bob I don't mean to gross you out but I so need my glasses, because I read that one line as you were in the shower with Neal!!!!! But having never met him maybe that's not a bad!!!!

  11. Hey I wasn't done yet! The damn comment published on its own. I wanted to add that poor Carlos cannot catch a break, and I also think I love tuxedo even more after that quote!

    And Marjorie has nerve to talk. After the comment that she made that if she and Steve Bannon had planned January 6th they would have won. Shows you where her mind is and what she's thinking. What a cunt!!!

    Mike Piek.... the answer to your question would be a very hard yes!!

    Since you will be gone I wish nothing but the best for you and Carlos in the new year, and have a happy one at that!🎉🍸🎉🍸🎉

  12. Hope you guys have the best weekend ever! Take care and see you next year.

  13. I don’t know about anyone else but I might possibly hate Donald Clairvoyant more than the special prosecutor does. As for Mike Piek, I don’t think I’ve said “no” to anyone in months.

  14. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Pope Ratzinger is little more than Fred Phelps in a frock.

    1. Anonymous---I like a little shade. Good one!! Come sit by me!!

  15. aussieguy5:36 PM

    Not sure how to say YES in Dutch, but you get my point...

    Claire Voyant can go fuck himself. He probably personally welcomed Santos into the Liars Club!

    It'd take more than 2 drinks for me to see Cosby.

    1. aussieguy5:37 PM

      Forgot to wish you & yours a Happy New Year! Looking forward to a 2023 with your daily take on things!

  16. Old people will go see Cosby. Honestly, if I'd have been waiting for someone to text me back and they didn't, I'd have checked up. The best thing about the Liar is that America now knows for certain that Republicans shit away their ethics and values a long time ago.

  17. It is so typically cruel and unkind for Trump to refer to Mr Biden as a "mentally disabled Democrat" I prefer to think of him as America's kindly grandfather, healing some of the wounds wrought by the previous incumbent.

  18. I forgot about the old pope. It's not good to have an emotional reaction of 'oh, I forgot about X, didn't know X was still around"

  19. Bill Cosby shouldn't be planning anything. He's no longer funny and who would go after all he's been accused and convicted of?

  20. Tomorrow we'll hear Santos fought in the War of 1812

  21. Well if the Orange Ogre can run in 2024, then Cosby can have a comedy tour. In either case, only the very worst people will show up. I think Santos will go the way of Cawthorn - it will take a bit, but eventually he will be gone. Too, late, unfortunately. I can't believe he's being sworn in. Wishing you the very best in the New Year, my friend. Have a fun weekend.

  22. That Elon Musk meme was spot on! Bill Cosby must need some money; I can't imagine who would go listen to him after everything he's done. I wouldn't give him a penny. MTG, what a piece of crap. I can't even rate the GOP for the worst liars/people because there are SO many.

  23. Happy New Year Bob! Congratulations on winning the LH Blogger of the Year award!

  24. Congratulations on your award from Mr. Pudding. On another note, I very much like your sense of humour. And trump, that man is certifiable; if he truly is clairvoyant, he should have seen his election loss coming. And George Santos, is he even gay?


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