Friday, October 22, 2021

I Didn't Say It

Gina Peddy, a top administrator with the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, advising  teachers that if they should teach “both sides’ of the Holocaust:

“Just try to remember the concepts of [House Bill] 3979 and make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust, that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives.”

Seriously. Both sides?

Jane Ledbetter, Superintendent of the Carroll County School District has apologized for this lunacy and pointed out that even in Texas, there is no opposing viewpoint on historical facts.


Hannah Gadsby, comedian , who has had comedy specials on Netflix, on Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos defending Dave Chappelle’s transphobia:

"Hey Ted Sarandos! Just a quick note to let you know that I would prefer if you didn't drag my name into your mess. You didn't pay me nearly enough to deal with the real world consequences of the hate speech dog whistling you refuse to acknowledge, Ted. F**k you and your amoral algorithm cult … I do shits with more back bone than you. That's just a joke! I definitely didn't cross a line because you just told the world there isn't one."

Gadsby's response came after Sarandos cited her as an example of Netflix's commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity in his response to the Chappelle controversy. But um, Ted? Just because you have LGBTQ+ talent on your network doesn’t mean you get a pass on bigotry.

Hate is never funny.


Tucker Carlson, Fox News liar, saying that having the vaccine kills people:

“Like almost everyone his age, Colin Powell was fully vaccinated against COVID. And yet according to his family and doctors, Colin Powell died of COVID. Of course, that fact does not make his death any less sad nor is it unusual. Many thousands of vaccinated Americans have died of COVID. Former CDC Director Robert Redfield announced just today that about 40% of all recent COVID deaths in the state of Maryland, for example, are among those who’ve had both shots. So, what does that tell you, exactly? Well, it tells you, you’ve been lied to. Vaccines may be highly useful for some people, but across a population, they do not solve COVID. That’s not speculation, it is an observable fact. People who’ve been fully vaccinated can still get the virus, they can still transmit the virus to others, and they can still die from COVID. Colin Powell is hardly the only example of that.”

First off, I don’t see Tucker, er, Fucker running for the hills even though he had the vaccine, mandated by his employer, so it sounds like another lie.

To be fair, Colin Powell was vaxxed, but he was eighty-five and suffered from Multiple myeloma cancers and Parkinson’s.


Sarah Hyland, actress who has a chronic condition called kidney dysplasia—she has had kidney transplants in 2012 and 2017—on the vaccine and vaccine mandates:

“[Getting vaccinated] means the world to me. I’m alive today because of science. With the medical field and where medicine is right now, it’s just lifesaving. Because I’ve gotten my booster shot, I feel even more comfortable than I did after receiving my two doses. To those that are on the fence, you can do as much research on Google as you want, but it’s science and they’re true medical professionals making these vaccines. If someone like me with such a compromised immune system is not only eligible to get it, and very much willing to do so, it’s safe for you out there. It can only protect you.”

Good on her for speaking out. We need more people to realize that the vaccine might save their life, but also the lives of those around them.


Bill Cassidy, GOP Senator from Louisiana, on saying aging leaders of all three branches of government should take cognition tests:

“It’s usually noticeable. So anybody in a position of responsibility who may potentially be on that slope, that is of concern. And I’m saying this as a doctor. I’m told that there have been senators in the past who, at the end of their Senate terms were senile. I’m told that was true of senators of both parties.”

And there have been presidents in your own party who have been demented due to STDs and yet you never suggested this before.

Go have a chat with Miss Lindsey about the Brazilian fashionistas flooding our borders and tell him to take a test.


Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, on the right’s outrage, and homophobia, over him taking paternity leave after he and Chasten had twins:

“Look, paid family leave is important. It’s important as a matter of family values. It’s important to our economy. And one more thing that I think is maybe underappreciated. When somebody welcomes a new child into their family and goes on leave to take care of that child, that’s not a vacation. It’s work. It’s joyful, wonderful, fulfilling work, but it is work. And it’s time that our nation join pretty much every other country in the world and recognize that.”

And it isn’t lost on anyone with active brain cells, that the people attacking Pete are from the so-called Family Values party.

Only, not for same-sex families, I guess.



Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm sure that Jeff Killemall Abbot could write a book (a very short one), on how the Holocaust didn't happen, so it can go into prunehead's school library

the dogs' mother said...

(Pete Buttigieg)
Wishing them the best for
the adventures ahead!
xoxo :-)

Treaders said...

Pete B hasn't put a foot wrong so far, has he!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

BOTH sides of the fucking HOLOCAUST? What fresh hell?
And I have thoughts about Netflix and Chapelle. Gadsby is right. By the way, her specials are awesome.
Love Pete. The right is attacking him because the Right has toxic masculinity issues.


Steve Reed said...

I didn't see Tucker talking about the vaccine (fortunately) but I don't think anyone, including the medical establishment, ever said it was going to entirely solve Covid. When I got vaccinated the nurse told me it wasn't 100 percent and it was still possible for me to contract Covid. It just made it less likely I would get very sick and/or die. Tucker is refuting an argument that medical science has never made.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Let’s see, Gina Peddy, you ignorant @#%$#! Both sides of the story? The side I know witnessed upward of 20 million people being killed during the Holocaust. And that doesn’t include the well-documented members of the armed forces from all over the world. There is no other side.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Right on, Hannah Gadsby! You tell 'im!

Dave R said...

You have to remember, Gina's a bottled blond conservative, so her comments shouldn't have been surprising.

Mistress Maddie said...

Ill never understand the outrage over Pete taking paternity leave just because he's a man. Any parent with sense would take that time to create the special bonding period....just because he didn't carry the baby doesn't make it any less a moment. Even at Bloomies when I was there the company offered expecting fathers a weeks pay to spend time with mother and baby. No one blinked an eye. Fucking conservatives.

uptonking said...

GAY-men, PETE! Not that I like kids at all... but if you are going to have them? Then spend the time, spend the money, educate... raise them yourself. If that means employers have to dole out a little extra money... price of doing business. Of course, those of us without kids? Well, we should be rewarded for THAT choice, too. Just saying...

I think there should be age limits. Not just term limits, but age limits. We don't need fossils who don't understand the fundamentals of modern society trying to govern us. And there should also be entrance exams. If you don't acknowledge history or don't have a basic understanding of science... NO. You are unfit to govern.

Sarah Hyland... nicely said.

TuckIt Carlson... what an azzhat. Not only is his memory selective, his hypocrisy is showing. How very FOX NEWS.

Hannah is amazing. Her comedy specials are dissertations every human should try to wrap their head around.

Texas is such a crap hole. It's like that idiot cousin no one in the family wants to talk about byt they keep doing things like showing their penis in public at the local Walmart... so of course you're gonna talk about him.

Thanks. Kizzes.

Bohemian said...

I can't improve upon what other Comments have already said.