Friday, October 15, 2021

I Didn't Say It

George Clooney, on President Biden and what he has taken on since the election:

“It’s like taking a battered child and thinking everything’s going to be OK his first day in school. There’s a lot of things that have to be repaired, there’s a lot of healing that has to happen, and it’s going to take time.”

Think of what Biden inherited, what a mess he was given from COVID, to unemployment, to climate change, to Afghanistan and more.

That’s a lot to take on, but I have hopes he’ll get some things done.


Lindsey Graham, on Fox News, proving, yet again, that she has lost her damned mind:

“The border patrol is doing the best they can but they told me that the likelihood of a terrorist attack coming from our Southern Border grows by the day. And what you see in Texas is moving to Arizona. A 1300 percent increase in illegal crossings in the Yuma Sector in the last few months. Why? We changed the Remain in Mexico Policy. The policy choices of Biden are all over the world now. We had 40,000 Brazilians come through the Yuma Sector alone, headed for Connecticut, wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags. This is not economic migration anymore. People see an open America, they’re taking advantage of us.”

40,000 Brazilians come through the Yuma Sector alone, headed for Connecticut, wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags? WTF is this queen talking about? 

Somebody get her fainting couch STAT!


Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State, former NY Senator,  and the woman who won the popular vote in the 2016 election, on the crisis in America thanks to Thing 45:

“You know, I think we not only came close to a full constitutional crisis, I think we’re still in it. That gives me absolutely no satisfaction in saying this because I think we’re in a very dangerous continuing high-level attack on the legitimacy of our government and the election of our president. And obviously, our former president is not only behind it, he incited it, he encouraged it, and he continues to do so. And you have leaders of the Republican Party who have willingly going along as though they’re members of a cult, not a political party but a cult, and they’re continuing attacks on the election, their refusal to say, ‘You know what, we’ve counted these votes. It’s over. We’re gonna move on,’ has sown so much doubt and then you combine it with the disinformation network known as Facebook, and you’ve got a volatile mix. So yeah, we are still in the midst of a concerted well-funded effort to undermine American Democracy.”

Clinton, once again, is 100% correct, and the only way to fix this is to, what? Say it loud from the back:

CAST A GODDAMNED VOTE in every single election in which you vote.

When Democrats vote, Democrats win.

Stand up, speak up, and VOTE!


Wendy Rogers, Arizona State GOP Senator and asshat, read for filth about her Tweet about Superman coming out as bisexual:

“Superman loves Louis Lane. Period. Hollywood is trying to make Superman gay and he is not. Just rename the new version Thooperman so we can all know the difference and avoid seeing it.”

No typo is more perfect and telling than misspelling Lois Lane as “Louis Lane.”

But the use of “Thooperman” as a reference to the “gay lisp” stereotype shows what a homophobic bigot this C U Next Tuesday is.


President Joe Biden, commemorating National Coming Out Day by condemning the array of anti-LGBTQ legislation circulating through state governments while continuing to offer words of encouragement to LGBTQ+ Americans:

“Today and every day, I want every member of the LGBTQ+ community to know that you are loved and accepted just the way you are regardless of whether or not you’ve come out. To LGBTQ+ people across the country, and especially those who are contemplating coming out know that you are loved for who you are, you admired for your courage and you will have a community—and a nation—to welcome you. My administration will always have your back, and we will continue fighting for full measure of equality, dignity and respect you deserve. I am proud to lead an administration with LGBTQ+ officials serving openly at the highest levels of government—and prouder that together we have made historic progress advancing protections and equal opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. My administration has been clear that we will continue to champion dignity, equality and wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the extraordinary progress our nation has made, our work to ensure the full promise of equality is not yet done. Anti-LGBTQ+ bills still proliferate in state legislatures. Bullying and harassment—particularly of young transgender Americans and LGBTQ+ people of color—still abounds, diminishing our national character. We must continue to stand together against these acts of hate, and stand up to protect the rights, opportunities, physical safety, and mental health of LGBTQ+ people everywhere. From defeating discriminatory bills to passing the Equality Act, we have more work to do to ensure that every American can live free of fear, harassment and discrimination because of who they are or whom they love.”

It’s nice to once again have a President, and administration, acknowledge us, and stand for us and by us, after four years of being erased from view by Thing 45.



Helen Lashbrook said...

Do you ever wonder what hallucinogenic drugs the majority of the Repugnant party are on? If the Brazilians could afford to wander around in Gucci, they'd fly to Connecticut and not get stopped on entry to the US. There are different rules for the rich all across the world.

Dave R said...

Biden inherited a lot of Republican bullshit.

Clinton is right, the trouble will be with us for some time to come.

Wendy Rogers is in lockstep heading towards an evolutionary die-off of Conservatives.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Thank you for flanking the assholes with intelligent, enlightened people.

And, yes, Superman DOES love Louis Lane, you stupid... oh, never mind. You already said it ... and better. (These kinds of statements still aren’t acceptable when made by government officials here. I hope it stays that way.)

the dogs' mother said...

The 'Louis Lane' comment.
xoxo :-)

den81164 said...

i thought i read that it was superman and lois' son that had come she may be wrong about that too

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Actually, it's not the original Superman who is bisexual in the new commic, it is his son (with Lois Lane). And the son is his successor as Superman.

krayolakris said...

I thought I heard that Orange Anus is telling to his cult members not to vote in the next election. With that strategy things are looking up. Also, I thought the same thing that Helen wrote…what kind of trippy drugs is Miss Lindsey taking??

Mistress Maddie said...

I say let Miss Lindsay hit the floor...screw the fainting chaise. The hit might make her come to her senses.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

George is right: Agolf Twitler fucked up the country and Uncle Joe is trying to get the pieces together. Americans do not understand that, though.
Eff Lady G. I'd slap her and that woman from AZ so hard they'd find themselves in last week all of a sudden. Idiots.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Also, Hillary was right then and she's right now.
Still with her...


Bob said...

Miss Lindsey has lost her damned mind.

Joe’s got a mess left by the last four years, and quite the dumpster fire, to deal with still.

I was happy to see some intelligent quotes this week, when most weeks it’s the morons who get quoted.
Louis Lane. Gotta love that.

The irony is high-larious!

She is; and it was the son coming out as bisexual in the new comic.

I meant to add that bit about him being the son.
But maybe the son IS dating Louis Lane???

He did say that; he’s just that dumb.
Miss Lindsey is on the Thing 45 Kool-Aid.

I doubt anything will ever save Miss Lindsey. She is too far gone, and too far up Thing 45s ass.

Clooney nailed it.
Miss Lindsey needs meds.
Wendy Rogers is too stupid to live.
Hillary has always been right.

Janie Junebug said...

All those Brazilians with Gucci bags and not a single one brought a gift for me? I'd love to see footage of them. It would be a great fashion show. But, wait a minute, Miz Lindsey . . . where's the footage? Where are the photos? All those Brazilians entered the country and we don't get to see a single one?
Damn. I hear a lot of criticism of Joe Biden these days. He's not perfect, but he took on a huge burden to save this country and I am grateful to him. I don't know how long it will take to recover from the damage trump did. I don't know if we'll ever recover completely. I will continue to vote and encourage others to do so.


Bob said...

Poor Lady G thinks she can just say anything ...
You're spot on about Joe and this mess.
Make sure everyone votes every time!

Bohemian said...

LMAOROTF... Lindsey Graham, mass Brazilian migration of designer clothes and Gucci Bags heading for Connecticut, OMG, what drug is she on giving this delusion I wonder?

uptonking said...

Uncle Joe is old, but not without a heart or a great agenda. It's nice to have a REAL president in the White House... and yes, he inherited a damn mess and he's working hard to fix it. That the repulsivecans continue to cling to old lines and dangerous rhetoric demonstrates that they are unfit for office. There will be 45 Q-Anon candidates running for office in the next election. Stop them. VOTE. We all have a duty and, yes... Hillary is right on... this is an attack on democracy as we know it... this battle is far from over. As long as there is a Matt Gaetz, a Lilly-livered Lyndsey, a dinosaur Mowcow Mitch? A Marjorie Taylor Greene or ANY politician posing with an assault rifle or spouting Q-Anon BS - this country remains up for grabs. Destroy them... once an for all.

The threat from within is greater than we know.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Biden, though, is the same as with Obama and Clinton: Cure the disease, don't exacerbate it.

Yeah, I find it odd that straight pundits are surprised. I mean, have they looked at the typical comic book reader? Yeah, we're as gay as the Silver Age now. Most of us are just mad it isn't 90s Superboy.

But seriously, straights are in no position to talk. Do you know Barbara Gordon's original age? How old Dick Grayson was at the time? Yet they're always retconned as dating in high school, and in Robin: Year One, Commissioner Gordon was afraid this nine-year-old would corrupt his daughter, and I'm reaching for Jocasta's needles.