Monday, June 09, 2014

Tony Perkins Wants Kids Pulled From Public Schools Because Pete Cahall Is Gay

It was just last Thursday that I posted about Pete Cahall, the principal at Wilson High School in Washington DC, who came out as gay at the school’s annual LGBT Pride celebration — see post HERE. It kinda proved my pint that it doesn’t matter when you come out, just that you do come out; strength in numbers and all that you know.

But, one person wasn’t happy that Pete Cahall decided to live his life truthfully and that person was rightwingnut Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, a certified hate group. I mean, he really must have gotten his thong twisted over that story because he called for the most ludicrous response to Principal Cahall’s coming out party.

Perkins is calling for all parents, everywhere, across the nation, to boycott public schools and remove their children from public schools, placing them in “other alternatives” because there’s a gay principal in DC.


Perkins is especially incensed because the students cheered their principal’s coming out and that the school district even “tweeted it out.”
 “Eighty-three percent of the students coming out of the District of Columbia are not proficient in reading skills, but they know how to celebrate gay pride. As we drop further and further in the global ranking of math and science scores, at least our kids will understand sex-ed. Amazing.
“If you have your children in public schools, unless you’re in a district where you know exactly what’s going on in some rural part of the country where values are still embraced, you really need to think about whether or not you want to expose your kids to what’s happening in our public school system. I would encourage you to look for other alternatives.”
I got news for you Tony, I'm as queer as the day is long and I live in rural America; and there are others, just like me, right here in the same town, Tony.

And there are others like me, and Pete Cahall in every school district, in every city, town, township, zip code, rural country road; there are gay teachers and administrators, so why this one principal has gotten you so hot under the collar I don’t know. But why stop now?

I mean, if you want children pulled from public schools because a gay man was cheered for his honesty at one school, then why not completely boycott any business, any institution, any place in the world that has a gay person in it.

Leave your church because the choir director might be gay; or maybe the person in the pew in front of you is queer.

Remove all your money from Wells Fargo, or whatever bank you use, because I bet a teller, or a bank manager at one of the branches is involved in a same-sex relationship.

Stop all upcoming medical procedures because the hospital has a gay doctor or nurse, or intern or orderly.

You see how stupid you sound, Tony? If you want to boycott a school or any business or church or organization because a gay person came out and was celebrated then you’ll find yourself living all alone somewhere, probably behind a fence that says “Gays Keep Out.”
Tony, dear, we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re everywhere.

Boycott that.


the dogs' mother said...

Empty words. My teacher friends would not mind several dozen kids staying home this last week... especially the challenging ones.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Do these bigots know how stupid they sound?

Bob Slatten said...

Obviously not, at least in Perkins' case.

anne marie in philly said...

tony's silk panties are tightly twisted cause he REALLY wants to come out and cannot! bwhahahaha!

what an asshat! said...

The more this asshole talks the more people realize that he's clearly insane. I say let him keep rambling.