Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Architecture Wednesday: 31 South Water Street

Last week we went to an ultra-modern house that sat along the sea on the Left Coast, so this week I thought we'd go Right Coast, and traditional.

It's a bit safe, for me, but I love the interiors and the history and the back of the house, so if I ever got tired of the Pacific, I'd just swing east and try Atlantic.



MAC said...

I want this house... so adorable)

Corina H. said...

Speaking of houses..I know you love FLW, and his handicapped accessible is now open as a museum..

Corina H. said...

*FLW designed the house, left that out lol.

mistress maddie said...

I too like this house! It could be very cute for those little weekend jaunts, you know, just to escape too! Of course I love all the white as usual,lol!