Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Oklahoma Teabagger Scott Esk

You know, when it comes to politics, and anti-LGBT wingnuts, Oklahoma seems to have cornered the market on the crazy.

I mean, they have their Republican — of course — Governor, Mary Fallin, who wanted the state-owned National Guard to strip spousal benefits from straight married couples so she could discriminate against The Gays after DOMA died.

And there’s Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn who, after a devastating tornado struck his home state, needed time to think before sending help because he wanted guarantees on other budgets cuts. Fifty-one people dead — 20 of them children — and Coburn needed a minute.

Add to the mix, Republican Congressman James Lankford who thinks it should be legal to fire a person just for being gay because gay is a choice.

And, let us not forget Queen of the Wingnuts, anti-gay Sally Kern who has blamed The Gays for everything from bad weather to terrorism and the fact that she looks like a 1950s grandmother on Petticoat Junction.

So, really, is it any surprise that Oklahoma is also home to Scott Esk, an aspiring candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives who thinks it should be legal to stone homosexuals to death because, well, The Bible.

On his website, Esk makes it very clear that our laws do not come from the government but rather they are written and enacted by God. He is, of course, huge on state’s rights, pro-gun and pro-life — how’s that for an oxymoron, emphasis on moron — pro-family and lower taxes. Well, that’s a Republican, and a ‘Bagger, for you, but it’s his thoughts on The Gays I find the most repellent; go figure.

It all started with Esk having a Facebook chat with someone named Alan Bates, presumably a friend of his. Bates posted a link to an article about Pope Francis and his ‘Who am I to judge gay people?’ statement. Well, Esk hit the fan, as you can see from the screenshot below:

Esk started throwing out the Bible verses that those ALLEGEDLY good Christians use to justify hating homosexuals; he quoted that old standby Leviticus 20:13 so you know where his head is at. Up his ass, but I digress.

Esk first claims that Leviticus 20:13 gives people, and by people I’m sure he means only those ALLEGEDLY good Christians, the right to judge others, and then adds that it is man’s role to put others to death for atrocities like The Gay, and that if we don’t start killing The Gays, well, God will punish those who don’t; you know, she’ll earthquakes to Haiti and hurricanes to New Orleans and the Jersey Shore, Britney Spears to Vegas.

Now, he is just quoting the Bible, right? He doesn’t actually mean The Gays should be killed … right? Well, when Bates asks Scott Esk if he thinks The Gays should actually be put to death, he replies:
“I think we would totally be in the right to do it.”
Now, you can say it’s Facebook and folks say stupid stuff all the time on Facebook; even those folks running for political office. But Esk also told on Oklahoma newspaper, after being asked, again, if he really believed The Gays should be stoned to death, that stoning was done in the Old Testament and that it “came from God” so, yeah, start the stoning.

Then, of course, because as crazy and delusional and fucked up as he is, he realized he’s running for public office and backtracked a bit saying he would never introduce legislation making it legal to stone The Gays he just wants y’all to know that if you do it’s because … God.

Oh, and if his anti-LGBT stance isn’t abhorrent enough — and it should be — let’s also understand that Scott Esk once called 911 because he saw a group of Hispanics outside a shopping mall. They weren’t doing anything, mind you, but, you know, Hispanics equal illegals equal crime equals 911.

Oklahoma, you have some of the wingnuttiest politicians I have ever seen, so do you really think you need to throw Scott Esk into the mix?

Seriously? No wonder he's the ISBL Asshat of the week.

11 comments: said...

Wow ... Just, wow.

I've come to the conclusion that a majority of this nation's problems would immediately be solved if the right half of its citizens would join the left here in the 21st century.

Bob Slatten said...

Amen to that!

the dogs' mother said...

My religion doesn't condone stoning anyone - not even wingnuts. Much easier to go about your day without hauling a wheelbarrow full of rocks around.

anne marie in philly said...

WTF do they put in the water out there?

Anonymous said...

Professor Chaos said...

Jesus Christ! How do these people figure that our laws come for God? Just compare the 10 Commandments to our laws. No other Gods vs Freedom of religion. Honor thy father and mother vs. freedom of speech. Etc, etc, etc. We don't have laws against adultery. Our entire economic system is based on coveting. These people who think our laws are based on the Bible obviously don't know anything about our laws or the Bible.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I would like to cast the first wing nut.

Biki Honko said...

Wow....this makes me quite concerned for the average Sally and Joe from Oklahoma! If they are voting in horrid people like the ones you mentioned, they must be ill or brain damaged or something, could it be the water?

Kroney said...
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Kroney said...

I think Scott Esk should stop pretending he's against all that stuff, because I know that's bull. He oughta admit that he knows there's nothing wrong with other races, other sexualities, gun licenses, divorce, abortion...etc. Because there's no justifiable reason to be against any of those things, for anyone, EVER. If he really IS against all of them, I believe he's certifiably insane and should be put away somewhere before he decides to take matters into his own hands and becomes even more of a danger to society than he already is.

Ronnie Humphrey said...

But you have a President that is backing Muslim terrosist groups who believe in stoning, killing gays, screwing goats and destroying our country. They are coming in by the hundreds because the Pres will not enforce the immigration law and you guys are worried about a peon in Oklahoma. No wonder the country is going to he'll in a hand basket. Ha!