Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Architecture Wednesday: Addison Road, West London

This is Addison Road, a recently renovated 10,000 square foot, five-story home in West London with the only thing left of the original house being the front facade; from there back it’s all new and contemporary and fabulous.

Originally, the old Victorian home was split into four individual flats, which the current owner bought, over time, intending to create one beautiful home out of the original four, making it a single-family home

High ceilings, large rooms, an indoor, underground pool that also features a  spa, sauna, steam room, gym, bar area, changing rooms, toilets, walk-in wine cellar, playroom and cinema/media room. The more public spaces are upstairs: the seven bedrooms and eight bathroom spread across five floors.

Gorgeous. It’s the kind of home that has everything you need, and you’d never have to leave.


MAC said...

So elegant... maybe too elegant. I need to be able to kick back and relax. It is beautiful though... just not for me.

viktor kerney said...


Helen Lashbrook said...

This is nice, but sadly houses like these are being transformed for the mega-rich and they are pricing everyone else out of the market, not to mention the misery created for the neighbours while the building works go on.

London is now only available for the very rich to buy homes. You need a minimum of £500,000 to buy a flat; most low paid workers can't even afford to rent in London, let alone dream of buying, leaving themselves with two hour journeys to work.

The Asian and Russian oligarchs are hiding their money in London property; they are now buying ordinary homes and leaving them empty while the housing crisis intensifies.