Friday, June 20, 2014

I Didn't Say It ...

President Barack Obama, at a Democratic National Committee LGBT fundraiser:

"Pride month is a time for celebration, and this year we've got a lot to celebrate. If you think about everything that's happened in the last twelve months, it is remarkable. In nine more states you're now free to marry the person you love--The NFL drafted its first openly gay player. The US Postal Service made history by putting an openly gay person on a stamp--the late great Harvey Milk smiling from ear-to-ear. But what's been remarkable is the way Americans are increasingly embracing marriage equality. They understand love is love. And for many people whose minds have changed, it was love that did it--love for a child or a grandchild, or the friend or the co-worker who sat down one day and held their hands and took a deep breath and said, 'I'm gay.' And that's why I'm here tonight, to say Thank You for helping make America more just and more compassionate."

Nicely said, Mr. President.
But there’s still work to be done.
Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, on the Texas GOP’s gay reparative therapy plank in their platform:

"Being gay is not a choice. But being a Texas Republican is. So my advice is the next time you feel the urge to be a Texas Republican — to replace science textbooks with pictures of humans riding dinosaurs or ban same sex marriage, or put on [a stuffed elephant] hat — sh*t in a jar and sniff it! It won't cure you but do it anyway. Hopefully it will remind you of what a**holes you're being."

Kanye West, on why he married the Kardastrophe:

“Because she is the number one woman in the world.  I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most, I get turned on the most.”

So, then I guess the minute she falls to #2 he’s out the door and moving back in with Riccardo Tisci?
John MacArthur, “pastor” and radio host, to parents of children who come out as gay:

“If they profess to be a Christian, you have to alienate them. You have to separate them. You can’t condone that. It’s inconsistent with Christ. So you isolate them, you don’t have a meal with them, you separate yourself from them. You turn them over to Satan as it were as scripture says”

And that’s Christian love, y’all. Shun your children.
Joe Kernan, CNBC Squawk Box host, on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s assertion that being gay is like being an alcoholic:
"In terms of comparing it to alcoholism, that's what got all the play, and I don't — I have a really high bar for what I would take offense to, but that would exceed the bar for me on being an offensive comment. I don't think gay marriage leads to cirrhosis of the liver or domestic violence or DWIs. I don't see how that's similar. … But in terms of changing the behavior of someone ... you wouldn’t think that someone who’s heterosexual, that you couldn’t change them into a homosexual, or someone who is homosexual, you don’t think that there should be therapy to try to change them into a heterosexual?"

Kernan has a rational brain. Rick Perry, who is an alcoholic and might be gay, does not.
Rob Portman, Republican Senator from Ohio, saying he’ll never run for higher office because of his pro-marriage equality stance:

"It puts me at odds with my party in many respects. I believe it’s a conservative position...I never really thought deeply about it [before my son came to me]. It seems to me to the extent that it’s not a choice, which is what believe. That is, Republicans ought to treat people as they are...It probably makes it difficult for me to win the primary election at a national election.”

So, this man will not run for office because his beliefs won’t get him elected.
Maybe he should try and find his backbone because maybe, just maybe, he could help the GOP come to their senses regarding LGBT rights.


the dogs' mother said...

Interesting collection this morning...

Blobby said...

The most frightening thing about Portman's quote: "I never thought deeply about it [marriage equality]".

So, before hand he was just voting party lines and never took the fucking time to see the repercussions of his actions. He's a fucking lemming in the GOP, regardless of his "now" stance on same-sex marriage.