Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If Kendall Baker Is Worried About Predators He Should Look In A Mirror ... Allegedly

I often wonder why some of these rightwingnuts work so voraciously against something when it always seems to come back and bite them in the ass later on; think Toe-Tappin’, Lookin’-For-Some-Lovin’ Larry Craig, a vocal anti-LGBT politician until his escapades in an airport men’s room sealed his fate.

And add to that list one Kendall Baker, a Houston minister who worked to fight Houston Mayor, and openly gay, Annise Parker’s equal rights ordinance.

See, Baker was worried about all kinds of harassment that was sure to occur if transgendered folks were able to use the “wrong” restroom and make the real people feel uncomfortable; he dubbed these transgenders as “predators”, and wondered aloud how women might feel if he used a ladies room:
“I say to you, what if I came into the bathroom while you were sitting on the toilet? Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?”
Huh. Now it seems Baker, a member of the Houston Area Pastors Council, is on indefinite suspension from the city, after it was alleged that he had sexually harassed subordinate female employees. Shoot; maybe he was using the ladies room?

Documents say a woman complained that Baker solicited sexual acts, made crude comments about female anatomy and hugged subordinate female employees. He was also accused of asking his employees to donate to his church.

Of course, Baker denies all allegations … juts like Larry Craig did.


What is it with these anti-LGBT Chicken Little folks running around screaming that the sky is falling when they're the ones pulling the sky down on top of themselves?


anne marie in philly said...

they need to come out! hypocrits!

the dogs' mother said...

Having had two incidents of highly inappropriate behavior in the work place I would have liked to place my foot, at high velocity, in the crotch area of my abusers. Instead I got out of the situation quickly, told an older woman who was sympathetic but boys will be boys.
(In the late 70s)

Mitchell is Moving said...

No comment I make can better say what you've already said!

Kendall Baker said...
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Kendall Baker said...
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Kendall Baker said...
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