Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Asshat Tuesday: Connie Trube

Our second inductee into the Tuesdays’ Asshat Club, like our first honoree Rick Perry, also hails from Texas ... must be something in the water. She is Connie Trube, a two term—seriously, she was elected twice—La Marque City Council Member who said this during a City Council meeting:
“It’s not going to get any better until you get those blacks off the school board. She really turned black. She got on the school board with the rest of the blacks and they all just ganged up and that’s why the school system has gone to hell.”
Indeed. Get those blacks off the school board.

And, naturally, once Connie’s racist rant went viral, as those kinds of things are apt to do these days, people were outraged and demanded that Trube resign at once. She was censured by the council, though she has failed to apologize or even non-apologize if she offended anyone.

Fact is, she will not apologize for being an unrepentant racist and so, while I despise her, I kind of like her in-your-face lunacy because usually racists, like cockroaches, hide under sinks and baseboards, and congregate in dark places with other like-minded cockroaches.

Not so Connie Trube. She says, by way of explanation for “get those blacks off the school board”:
“What is on the tape is nothing more than me stating my honest opinion, and I don’t back down from that. I never denied what was on the tape.”
And she won’t resign. But she will be honored right here on this old blog thing as an Asshat of the Week.

Connie Trube; an unrepentant asshat; a racist asshat; an asshat whose time on the city council should be over, whether she resigns or is forcibly removed. But still, and always, she is an asshat.

Of the week.

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the dogs' mother said...

My goodness!!

anne marie in philly said...

sweet mother of pearl! yeah, what IS it about some people from that state? she's just an old white teabagger who needs to be thrown out of office!

Professor Chaos said...

What year is it in Texas?