Monday, August 12, 2013

Community Theater Gig Cost Harold Scott His Job

Seriously, you overtly religious folks need to calm the eff down. Not everything is an anti-religious thing.

Take for example, one Harold Scott. He’s been an educator for 22 years, and has been the superintendent at Parkview Christian School, started by Calvary Community Church, since 2011. Now he says he was fired because he performed in a community theater production of “The Producers.”

Scott said he was told the reason for his termination is that Calvary's pastor, Dr. Carl Godwin, felt his participation in a theater production of a Broadway musical would have a negative reflection on Calvary Community Church and Parkview Christian School.

Um, was Scott that bad? Was his singing off-key? Two left feet?

What could it be? Let’s see, Harold Scott played Max, one of the main characters in Mel Brooks’ “The Producers,” a play about two men who scheme to get rich by overselling interests in a Broadway flop. It includes jokes about Nazis, homosexuals and show business, and includes gay characters.

Oh. I guess singing and dancing in a musical that references Nazis and The Gays is enough to get you fired.
“I never imagined that my passion for acting and participating in community theater would lead to me losing my job. I truly believe that I did nothing wrong and my involvement in theater should in no way interfere with the career I love.”—Harold Scott
Neither Godwin nor the chairman of the school's board could be reached for comment.
Nothing to say after firing a man who‘d been at his current job for almost two years after teaching for 22 years; nothing to say because the reasons for firing him are absurd, and possibly illegal.

I’m not a fan of lawsuits—not every wrong is a lawsuit—but I hope Harold Scott sues the pants off this so-called church. And then I hope he turns the whole thing into a musical.

I’d be there on opening night.

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What is UP with christians nowadays? They see the boogy man behind every movie/song/book.... heavens know what they think resides under their bed and in the closet!

anne marie in philly said...

that "pastor" needs a kick to the taint with a steel-cap toed pointy shoe! then a bat upside the head!