Thursday, August 01, 2013

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That’s Consuelo Roca-Jones, our Homo, er, Home Office ManagerCat. Caught loafing on the job again.

PS That's Tuxedo, on the floor, sleeping through his appointment, apparently.

This is a problem?

Due to their innovative waste-to-energy, AKA recycling, program Sweden is facing a new crisis: they are running out of garbage. Sweden’s waste management and recycling programs are second to none as only 4% of the nation’s waste ends up in landfills. In the US, nearly 50% of our crap goes back into the ground.

Since the Swedish manage waste so effectively and then use what remains to partly power their country, they are now living an environmentalist’s dream: a shortage of garbage.

Speaking of garbage … Anthony Weiner. How’s that for a segue, huh?

Well, actually, I want to discuss one Sydney Leathers—also garbage—who is just one of the women with whom Anthony Weiner engaged in explicit exchanges online. Looking for her fifteen minutes of fame as an online sexting addict, Leathers is now saying she feels “manipulated” by the Weiner.

And that’s her exact problem; that and the fact that she is no better than Carlos Danger because she engages in the same behavior as he does and then plays the Poor Me card.

STFU Syd, you’re an idiot.

Louis Rispoli, a gay rights activist and well-known fixture in the Woodside neighborhood where he lived for 32 years, was murdered nine months ago and his killers are still on the loose. But this week in his honor, the street where Lou lived, 51st St. and 43rd Avenue, was named in his memory: it’s called Louis Rispoli Way.
“This is a bittersweet day, with his killers till out there.” Danyal Lawson, Louis’ widow.
Last October, Rispoli went out to for milk just after two in the morning and he was beaten to death by three men in their 20s who got away in a white sports car. Police released a sketch of the suspects but they would never found.

The renaming of a street doesn’t help Danyal Lawson, but it is a reminder that Hate Crimes against LGBT citizens are on the rise.

RIP Louis.

I’m a huge fan of BBC America’s Copper. Sure, it’s your typical New York City police procedural, but this one takes place in Five Points in 1865 so it tells some of the same stories in a different way.

Of course, being shallow, and loving some Man Candy, it doesn’t hurt that one of the good-guys-turned-bad-guy-turned-maybe-good guy, Francis Maguire, is played by hottie Kevin Ryan.

Straight Female Co-worker: I don't really have a gag reflex.

Bob: Did you add that to your profile?

Straight Female Co-worker: Shut up! You can't get married.

Bob: Actually, I am getting married.

Straight Female Co-worker: Well, you can't get married in South Carolina...

Bob: Apparently, neither can you...

I love this one ….

Cumulus Media, the nation's second-largest owner and operator of AM and FM radio stations, has not renewed the contracts of rightwingnut zealots Rush ‘Drug Addict’ Limbaugh and Sean ‘Tea Party Lapdog’ Hannity.

The decision comes after a breakdown of negotiations between Cumulus and Clear Channel "over the cost of the distribution rights," and supposedly has nothing to do with any comment made by either of the hosts.

Still, they’re gone from that company’s stations and I think the airwaves smell a little sweeter, and far more intelligent, now.

Last Monday, Pope Francis responded to a question about gay Catholic clergy by promising not to “judge” homosexual priests:
“Who am I to judge if they’re seeking the Lord in good faith? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem … they’re our brothers.”
And the world went nuts because the Pope loves The Gays except ….

He doesn’t. He just doesn’t judge, he still doesn’t want gay priests or same-sex marriage, he’s just passing the judgment buck to the man in the sky.

So, put away your I Love Pope Frankie t-shirts, nothing’s changed.

Oh, and speaking of marriage equality, congratulations Minnesota and Rhode Island, celebrating their first same-sex marriages.

The march goes on….

Nick Jonas is the latest celebri-moron to post a selfie on the interwebz, following in the tradition of, yes, Carlos Danger, Grampa Geraldo Rivera, and even my own beloved Huge Ackman.

Note to those self-obsessed selfie photographers: you look desperate.

Back to The Biggest Weiner ….

The bad news out of the Weiner campaign never ends

It seems that earlier this week the campaign staff awoke to see their former intern, Olivia Nuzzi, on the front cover of the Daily News telling a rather unflattering tale of her experience working on Anthony Weiner’s mayoral bid.

So now, Team Weiner is firing back; or at least his communications director Barbara Morgan is firing back with a barrel full of curses:. During her rant about Nuzzi, Morgan called the woman a fame hungry “bitch” who “sucked” at her job. She also Nuzzi a “slutbag,” “twat,” and “cunt” while threatening to sue her:
“I’m dealing with like stupid fucking interns who make it on to the cover of the Daily News even though they signed NDAs and/or they proceeded to trash me. And by the way, I tried to fire her, but she begged to come back and I gave her a second chance. Fucking slutbag. Nice fucking glamour shot on the cover of the Daily News. Man, see if you ever get a job in this town again.”
Naturally, as the Weiner camp is apt to do, time and again, Morgan apologized:
"In a moment of frustration, I used inappropriate language in what I thought was an off the record conversation. It was wrong and I am very sorry, which is what I said tonight when I called and emailed Olivia to apologize."
Off the record conversation with a news site? Hardly.

And don't get me started on those two 'reality' show whores and their latest court dates....

I loves me some Kristin Chenoweth. I loves me some Wicked. And I loves me some parody.

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THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE HEARD IN AGES! I hope you don't mind if I share!

Straight Female Co-worker: I don't really have a gag reflex.

Bob: Did you add that to your profile?

Straight Female Co-worker: Shut up! You can't get married.

Bob: Actually, I am getting married.

Straight Female Co-worker: Well, you can't get married in South Carolina...

Bob: Apparently, neither can you...

viktor kerney said...

Kevin Ryan is hot

Anonymous said...

OMG I can't stop laughing at the gag reflex/marriage one.

the dogs' mother said...

snortle! (Snape's tweet)

Bob Slatten said...

Take it away.
I still have people at work laughing about that one!

Mitchell is Moving said...

So much to think about (or so little, in Weiner's case).

But thanks especially for your comments about Pope Francis. I had a little argument with a gay friend the other day because he thought this was major good news. My question was: "Why? Because Francis doesn't take any ownership of the Catholic Church's stand on homosexuality?" Oh, thanks for not being as obvious a homophobe, Pope Francis! Not to mention that the "Church has spoken" on the issue of women priests. Well, think and then speak again.