Thursday, August 08, 2013

Random Musings

This story has been everywhere so, naturally, I'm'a give my two-cents....

On Jeopardy Kids Tournament last week, eighth-grader Thomas Hurley III bet $3,000 on that Final Jeopardy! question up there, and he responded like this:
And while technically correct, his response was ruled inaccurate because of a minor spelling error which is a rule of Final Jeopardy; the answer must be spelled correctly. And, according to Trebek, “Because he misspelled it badly … that’s unfortunate.  The judges are ruling against you.”

Now Thomas and his family are crying foul, with Thomas saying, “I was pretty upset that I was cheated out the final question.  It was just a spelling error.”


Build a bridge and get over; learn something; check your spelling.
Mark Edel-Hunt took a stand against homophobia from a London stage last week after an audience member shouted abuse as two men kissed onstage.

The heckler was among the spectators at The American Plan and cried out, 'Makes me sick' at the embrace and kiss between the characters Nick and Gil.

Edel-Hunt, who plays Gil, responded by returning to the stage at the end of the curtain call with a sign depicting the Stonewall campaign slogan:

“Some people are gay. Get over it!”

Andy Wasley, from Stonewall, told Gay Star News, was delighted at Edel-Hunt’s reaction: "Given that Richard Greenberg’s most famous play is about a gay man, whoever complained about the kiss proved themselves to be as ignorant about theatre as they are about the reality of modern life. It’s great to see a spirited response to such offensive behaviour.”

I'd say so.

Bravo, Mr. Edel-Hunt
Client [ranting about Obama]: I have had it with him. He really needs to be stopped.

Bob enters the room

Client: I better be quiet, Bob probably voted for Obama.

Bob: I did. I voted for him twice, and I’m voting for him when he runs for president in 2016.

Client: He can't run for a third term.

Bob [dripping with snark]: Oh, can't he? I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Client: [red-faced and silent] ....
Kellan Lutz is playing Hercules in an upcoming film and, well, he looks hercu-riffic. Pecs you could bounce a quarter off of, if you were so inclined.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is also playing Herc in another film, but I’d prefer my he-men to be less ‘roided, if you get my meaning.
One of the biggest news stories on the year has been the onset of virulently anti-gay laws in Russia, and the upcoming Winter Olympics there next year.

But, um, yeah, you wouldn’t know it if you watched FauxNews™ who spent exactly zero hours, hell, zero minutes on the story.

Just further proof that FauxNews™ isn’t news.
But …. Speaking of news, this is the Best.News.Ever.

Ellen, DeGeneres that is, will be hosting the Oscars next year! As an Awards Show Queen™ I am beyond with this news and loved that Ellen Tweeted:

"It's official: I'm hosting the #Oscars! I'd like to thank @TheAcademy, my wife Portia and, oh dear, there goes the orchestra."

I love me some fashion, but I have a problem with some of the people in fashion, like Editor-in-chief of American Vogue, and holy terror … or so I’ve heard … Anna Wintour.

Would it kill her to take off the shades? Would it kill her to update her hair? Would it kill her to eat a sandwich so she looks less Bobble-Head and more human?

And do not get me started on Miss Thang, André Leon Talley, who is some sort of fashionista or something. What the hell is she wearing? It looks like she’s headed for the buffet table, wearing a tent so she can abscond with an entire prime rib and all the chilled shrimp a girl can eat.

They are fashion? M’kay …..
In a recent concert, danced with a Rainbow Flag around her neck and some Twitheads began calling her a Lesbian.

She responded thusly … which is just one more reason I  Pink.


Anonymous said...

I love Pink!

I have no idea what ALT is wearing. Is it a Versace muu muu? Or one of those reflective blankets you go camping with?

the dogs' mother said...

99% of people wear clothes. The rest wear fashion.

anne marie in philly said...

was that a girl in the huge gold tent? I thought it was a guy.

P!NK is a philly girl, so YO to mah homegirl!

Bob Slatten said...

@anne marie
Miss Andre is male, but she thinks very highly of himself.

Ron said...

The best....BEST way to combat casual homophobia is exactly what Mark Edel-Hunt did. Do it right away and in their face. The homophobes have been in control so long they still don't get it that they're losing ground every day. They need to be reminded and an immediate response is best way to slap them down.

Ellen hosting the Oscars, YAY! Even better Ellen co-hosting with Neil Patrick Harris. Finally, someone is using their brain.

Andre Leon Talley....WTF?

FTHM said...

Anyone who knows Andre Leon Talley will know that (s)he favours kaftans and capes.
I completely agree with your comments regarding The Devil oops! ...Ms Wintour. I get that these people have contributed a lot to fashion in the past, but they should be a thing of the past now. Last night while I was watching PR, I could not help but notice that Nina is getting on in years. Not to be an ageist, but they have had their time and I think it would be nice to get a fresh view. Fashion needs to move forward but how can it when it is being dictated by parchment with some fancy baubles and her rain-resistant walking caravan?

Helen Lashbrook said...

Is Ms Wintour about to take off in a mustard coloured barrage balloon? And why has no-one told Ms Wintour that her arms are old lady crepey arms and she should always wear sleeves to cover them up?