Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vacation Post: Boycott Makes Kraft Even Zestier

Companies have been using sex to sell everything from toothpaste to motor oil for decades, though it used to be that the ads featured mostly nubile young women looking all sexy and bendy and stuff.

But now one company, Kraft, has taken a new approach and is suing a hot male model, Anderson Davis — often shirtless with a hint of nudity — to sell salad dressing, in Kraft's new Let's Get Zesty ad campaign.

And these ads naturally struck the nerve of One Million Moms, AKA More Like 58,000 Moms, who began urging their minions followers to boycott Kraft because of their "offensive" campaign.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the boycott; The OMM, AKA the ML58,000M, actually generated so much interest in ads—which had already run their course—that Kraft decided to keep the campaign going.

In the new campaign, the Zesty Guy poses on a tennis court, on a mechanical bull, out picking fruit, lounging on the beach, and buried in the sand. In other words, the undressed salad dressing dude can take the heat but still got out of the kitchen.

Kinda makes me wanna toss my salad.

Thanks OMM, AKA ML58,000M!

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anne marie in philly said...

I don't see anything offensive. I see something totally HAWT!