Monday, August 05, 2013

This Is A Republican Democrat, Part 1: Bob Filner

Bob Filner, the Mayor of San Diego, has been accused by several women of sexual harassment and his lawyer, Harvey Berger — quite possibly one of the most inane attorneys ever — says he knows who is to blame: The City of San Diego.

Yes, it’s the city’s fault that Filner sexually harasses women because the city didn't provide training:
"The city has a legal obligation to provide sexual harassment training to all management level employees, and to provide such training to new managers within six (6) months of hire ... The city failed to provide such training to Mayor Filner. … Therefore, if there is any liability at all, the city will almost certainly be liable.”
The letter said the mayor's training was canceled and never rescheduled, so, it’s not his fault he grabs women's asses because no one told him it was wrong. Then Berger quotes Bob Dylan:
"Many might argue that 'you don't need a weatherperson [sic] to tell you which way the wind blows,' and an adult male should not need sexual harassment training. I would point out that in his decades of public service for the people of San Diego as a U.S. Representative, Mayor Filner never received sexual harassment training."
Filner's penchant for treating women like his personal sexual playthings was never addressed; he was never slapped on the snout with a rolled up newspaper so he gets a free pass.

That’s a Republican Democrat, y’all, taking zero responsibility for their behavior because no one told him it was wrong; he's acting like a member of the GOP!


the dogs' mother said...

Lunacy knows no bounds.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

This horses ass needs to go. And it has NOTHING to do with sexual harassment training. It has to do with a man with a problem.

anne marie in philly said...

you mean to tell me his parents did not teach him right from wrong and the golden rule? LAME-O!

Mitchell is Moving said...

The whole situation is appalling and that defense is one of the dumbest I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

No. No. No.

This is a DEMOCRAT who had been rubber stamped into Congress every two years until he ran for mayor -- and has done the most to represent his party's mascot since Anthony Weiner first discovered there was a zoom lens on his Smartphone's camera.

Filner has a huge problem, but with new women coming out of the wood work even now it's hard to determine who is telling the truth and who isn't.

I'd blog about this but he's not my mayor. Thank God.

Bob Slatten said...

This title of the post says he's a democrat.

Ron said...

What's the word we're looking for her Bob? Chutzpah? Man oh man, Filner's got it in spades. You have to give him (and his lawyer) credit for chutzpah on steroids.