Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mormon Steve Young And His Wife Come Out As LGBT Allies

So, Steve Young? Former San Francisco 49er quarterback and highly visible member of the Mormon Church? Where do you stand on LGBT equality?

Let’s say he doesn’t exactly stand with his church.

Back in 2008. Steve Young and his wife Barbara placed "No on Prop. 8" yard signs in front of their California home, a highly significant move considering how much time, and more importantly, money—upwards of $20 million—the Mormon Church had sunk into passing Prop H8.

Back then, Barbara Young explained that she had placed the sign in her yard because she has a gay brother, but her husband, Steve, stayed silent on the matter.

Until now.

Both Steve and Barbara Young are being more vocal on LGBT rights, and have agreed to be the keynote speakers in Salt Lake City at next month's convention of an LGBT Mormon group, called "Affirmation."

The Young’s released a statement thorough the Salt Lake City Tribune confirming that they will be speaking, and adding that this is "where they hope to lend their voices to the healing work of making our families, our society and our church more welcoming places for our LGBT brothers and sisters."

And this might be just the right time, as evidenced by many members of the church now changing their stance on marriage equality, but it always helped to have someone with a level of fame take that same stand.

The march goes on ….


anne marie in philly said...

well bust my nuts! who would have thought THIS? FTW!

the dogs' mother said...

more good eggs.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about the yard sign thing five years ago. Good to see this!

Biki Honko said...

Maybe he will help lead the Mormon church into the light of understanding and acceptance.