Friday, July 05, 2013

What if Obama’s First Term Was Just Like Bush’s?

The Republicans make me giggle; all that shock and awe that Barack Obama was elected president, not once, but twice. And their continued need to vote to repeal and repeal and repeal and repeal Obamacare. Toss in a little made up Benghazi scandal and some IRS nonsense and well, it’s just wack-a-doodie GOP these days.

But, as I found while glancing through Forward Progressives, What if Obama’s first 4 years were almost identical to George W. Bush’s first 4years?

Imagine if you will ….
  • His very first election, he’s “elected” President when the United States Supreme Court overrules Florida’s Supreme Court call for a statewide recount, thus becoming President of the United States—even though he lost the popular vote.
  • 8 months after he took office we experienced the worst terrorist attack in United States history, and there was solid evidence presented that he had intelligence saying that a terrorist group was planning on attack on United States soil—but did nothing.
  • Video was shown of his reaction to being told that the United States was under attack, and he sat there for a few minutes with a blank look on his face—doing nothing.
  • Our economy went from a balanced budget, and a budget surplus, back to deficits—every year he had been President.
  • The longest period of economic growth in American history—came to an end.
  • We started a war with Iraq.  About 2 months after the start of the war he then decided to land on an aircraft carrier (in a flight suit) to declare “Mission Accomplished.”  Yet 2 years later, over 2,000 American soldiers had died and not a single weapon of mass destruction had been found.
  • 4 years after the 9/11 attack, Osama bin Laden had still not been captured.
  • Reports, and photos, of abuse by the U.S. Army against Iraqi prisoners surfaces at the Abu Ghraib prison.
  • We saw 5 different attacks on American embassies.
  • Attorney General John Ashcroft appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss the first leaked pieces coming to light of communication within the intelligence community about the authorization of torture on prisoners of war to extract information (Bush later admitted he authorized torture and would do it again).
  • Told Iraqi insurgents to “Bring it on.”

And even with all that to ponder, that’s not all about W; those are just, well, since the GOP is so gun happy, and so in the pocket of the NRA, those are the main “bullet” points.

If the GOP is “shocked” by some of the events that have occurred during Obama’s first 4 years—most of which had nothing to do with President Obama and were completely right-wing fabricated controversies—just imagine what they would be like if Obama pulled the same kind of crap Bush did in his first 4 years.

They’d have worked to re-elect him.

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the dogs' mother said...

I fear Obama.Care - some aspects of it.

40% of college grads are under employed. Eldest worked as a bartender and furniture mover. We bought him a high deductible catastrophic policy. (A lung collapse costs between $10 - $20k). We know we can handle the first $5k (the deductible) and then insurance would pay the rest.
Got a letter the other day. A just the facts letter. Under Obama.Care nobody will be allowed to have this sort of plan. WTH?! It is enough to make you go all

(btw - Eldest now has a job with a company in Silicon Valley that starts with the letter G. (trying to stay off the radar here). When his girlfriend finishes her Masters internship they will be job hunting. Anyone need an economics major or laser physicist?)