Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Musings

I’m always a fan of debate, even, at times, arguing, with someone over political and social issues. I like the discussion because, well, I have an opinion and don’t mind sharing it.

But I loathe what I call The Lame Argument™—you  know, the one where just because you say it, I should think it’s true. It’s like when people said, and some still say, that same-sex marriage will ruin traditional marriage as we know it and when you ask them how, you get crickets.

And one of the chief purveyors of The Lame Argument™ in the National Organization for Marriage [Nom] who never met a lie, or a non-fact that they didn’t use to spread their message of fear and loathing and intolerance.

Here’s their newest one: NOM is trying to say, via pseudo-scientific data, that same-sex marriage will lead to a rise in single motherhood, children in poverty, and—and this one is a doozy—the idea that men will leave their wives because they can marry other men.

Now, to be fair, this is kinda true, because maybe men who are gay, and deeply closeted, who married women because they felt a certain pressure, familial, societal, internal, to do so, might decide to leave that marriage because they are, wait for it, GAY!

But NOM doesn’t say that, they say ‘men’ will leave their wives meaning all men, all straight men will suddenly turn toward The Gay because, well, they can.

The Lame Argument™ courtesy of NOM.

Michelle Williams, brilliant actress and Oscar® nominee, is the new spokesperson for Louis Vuitton. That’s her in a new ad for the company and she looks pretty fierce.

Sadly though, this ad didn’t make the cut. Better luck next time Lindsay.

Let’s talk about Weiner. Not dick, though he’s kind of a dick, but Anthony Weiner.

When he was in Washington, I liked him, a lot. I liked that he stood for something and fought for something. And when the story first came out that maybe he was a serial sexter, and maybe he sent pictures of his bulging Calvin’s out over the internet, I thought it was an attack on him because he dined it from here to kingdom come. And people demanded he resign and IO believed him when he said it wasn’t him, except …

Then he admitted it that it was, and that he had and that he did. Then I wanted him gone, too, because he lied.

Now, he’s done it again, and once again he’s asking us to kind of ignore it, except …


Get help, Anthony. You have a problem that has already ruined you in DC and may well ruin you in New York, but all that matters for nothing because it may well ruin your marriage because you don’t seem to realize you have an issue with sexting strangers and sending out pictures of your man bits.

Get out. Get help.

Now, onto some good news ….

Congratulations to Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson who married his boyfriend Justin Mikita last week in New York.

After the ceremony—officiated by Tony Kushner—Ferguson Tweeted:"Never been happier."

Congrats, guys!

Lotsa folks up in arms because President Obama said this about Trayvon Martin and reactions to the George Zimmerman verdict:
"When Trayvon Martin was first shot I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is that Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago. When you think about in the African-American community, there’s a lot of pain around this. It’s important to recognize that the African-American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away. And I don’t want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experiences inform how the African-American community interprets what happened one night in Florida. And it’s inescapable for people to bring those experiences to bear. There are very few African-African men who haven’t had the experience of being followed in a department store. That includes me.”
People said he should say nothing, but you what? He has every right to say something. And you know what else; he wasn’t speaking as the President, trying to politicize the story. He was speaking as a Black man in America who knows what it’s like to be feared for your skin color, to be followed around a department store, to have people cross to the other side of the street when they see you coming.

He was letting all of us know that, even in America, even a man who could someday become president can still be a victim of racism on a daily basis.

That should be the discussion, not whether or not he should have said something.

Last week, while talking about the homoeroticsm, and the Man Candy, on MTV's Teen Wolf, I missed mentioning Ian Bohen.


The Royal Baby.

I was over the story about 5 seconds after I heard Kate was pregnant. The only good thing about this birth is that people are no longer talking about the Kash Kow and Kanye demon spawn.

Boy oh boycott.

Folks are saying that The Gays should boycott the movie Ender's Game because the book upon which the film is based was written by a virulently anti-LGBT writer, and NOM board member, Orson Scott Card.

Well, count me in among those who boycott, though mainly I won't go because I have no desire to see the film, which seems like a Hunger Game's knock-off.

But, had I wished to see the film, I'd still boycott because, and this is the same logic I use for boycotting Chick-fil-A-hole, if I spend my ten bucks to see this film, part of that money will go into the bank account of a man who works tirelessly to deny me equality.

Just like if I eat that bigot chicken sandwich.

So, I'll keep my money, but, but, if you wish to see Ender's Game because, well, you wanna see it, go on and go, but maybe, just before going, you shoot off a donation to one of the many pro-equality groups for the price of the ticket. That way the pennies you give to Card will be outweighed by the dollars you give to Marriage Equality.

Just sayin'.

Now, that doesn't mean you can still go to Chick-fil-A-hole and send the price of a sammich to equality groups. You can get a chicken sandwich anywhere.

So, Caspar sent out that Tweet for JLo’s birthday and it makes me wonder, JLo is a bear? 

Who knew? But more than that, I thought to myself, that tweet is the 2013 equivalent of the construction paper coupon I gave to my mother when I was six for a Free Hug.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I've never thought of JLo as part of the bear community. Unless Caspar knows something about her needing hair removal strips the size of a bed sheet every few weeks or so.

Ron said...


I agree with everything you say in this post! Especially your "journey of awareness" with "Carlos Danger." Like you, at first I believed Carlos, i.e. Anthony Weinermobile. Then when the real facts came out, I was willing to give him a pass but his lying left a nasty taste in my mount (no pun intended). However, this time, no mas Carlos.

the dogs' mother said...

I'm back! Almost three days without internets!!! ak! Was terrible. Awful! I missed all the Weiner twitter jokes!
Going off to read everything I missed.

Bob Slatten said...

Welcome back!
I was wondering where you'd gotten to; I was beginning to suspect Gnomes.

Raybeard said...

Yes another fascinating mix of stories. Yours is one of the VERY best blogs for keeping up to date on what's going on in the U.S. - royal babies excepted!

Biki Honko said... will leave their wives to go gay....interesting thought yeah? What this makes me think, is every time he plays hide the bologna with the wife, hes thinking of hot smexy men!!

I don't understand why Pres Obama is such a hobbled pres. I think he is still suffering the effects of racism even while holding the office of POTUS. Thats why the repugs hate him so, they cant get past his skin color.

hate. hate. pedophile card. yeah you read that right, hes a total ped

Helen Lashbrook said...

Enough already; the minute they announced the pregnancy was when my toleration for one of millions of babies to be born this year evaporated. Many of those to be born will need the attention and gifts far more than one over privileged little boy, however sweet he may or may not grow up to be (hopefully not king - vive la revolution!)