Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Is A Republican, Part 2: John Boehner

It’s always kind of a stretch to call someone the ‘worst ever’ at any job, because you can always go back in history and find someone even more despicable, but I think it might be safe to say that John Boehner will definitely be on that list of the ‘worst ever’ Speakers of the House—and he might very well take the top spot.

He’s the leader of the Congress, which, as of today, has the lowest approval rating ever; it seems just 6% of the American people think that Boehner and Congress are doing an ‘excellent’ or even a ‘good’ job. Now, not to brag, but I betcha I could take over as Speaker and get that number up, maybe to a seven, or eight, but it’d go up.

And, as in business, when a company does the wrong thing, you blame the boss, and the boss of Congress is Cryin’ John Boehner, who apparently can’t even get his own party to work with him.

Remember when he offered his ‘Plan B’ to avoid that Fiscal Cliff thingy? He had to pull the legislation because House Republicans, his own team, wouldn’t pass it.

He hasn’t passed the Jobs Bill that he’s been talking about for over four years now; I recall him saying jobs was priority one, and yet here we sit, years later, and no jobs bill.

But, he has had time to try and repeal Obamacare thirty-seven times, all of them unsuccessful. No jobs and no success after 37 attempts at repeal.

He also spent the last four years—notably the entire Obama first term—harping about an “immediate debt crisis” only to suddenly admit there really is no such thing. But, hey, he talked about it and talked about it to stir fear in the American people so that he could get Obama out of office and yet he even failed at that.

And what about the Tea Party? Boehner is an ardent supporter of the group, and now they seem hell-bent on tearing the GOP into shreds. He pushed and pushed Tea Party candidates into office—they captured the House in 2012 on the promise of ousting Obama … which we know failed—and now all the Tea Party looks like is a bunch of nuts in a nuthouse.

And Benghazi? Boehner was one of the most vocal GOP Hellhounds in trying to manufacture a conspiracy to take down Obama, or use it to attack Hillary Clinton before she takes the White House in 2016, but all he has proven is that most Americans don’t believe him, and Obama’s approval ratings continue to rise.

And then there’s the Debt Ceiling, and the doubling of the student Loan Interest rates, the GOP threat to raise taxes on the 98% while lowering taxes for the top 2%.

This is what the leader of the GOP in Congress is doing; and even his own party wonders just how bad he is at his job.

via Forward Progressives


anne marie in philly said...

this is an ignorant, anti-everything, regressive troll. he is an embarrassment to this country.

the dogs' mother said...

Politics is a full contact spectator sport...

Anonymous said...

Boner (I know it's BAY-ner) is a low-life douche bag, but the voters in southern Ohio are the ones with the real problem. They must overlook his incompetence as long as he turns on the water works and blesses Jesus.

Ron said...

Boehner is more into that big office he has now than doing the right thing by the American pubic. It is as simple as that.

Biki Honko said...

He is dragging our country into the disrepair. In some crack addled way he thinks this makes him look good, maybe who knows. At times, his actions seems to mirror lohan antics. Maybe tis time for a pee test on this fool.