Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: The Squam Residence on Nantucket Island

While it might look like it has been sited here for decades, the Squam Residence on Nantucket Island, built by J. Brown Builders.

Nantucket has a rigid building code that preserves the historical characters of buildings. All new houses must have pitched roofs, not flat ones, and their external walls must be covered with unpainted shingles.

But that doesn't mean things have to be so rigid on the interior.

This is a fun, bright, lively home, with tons of space and, of course, a wine cellar for me.

Who's up for a trip to the beach?



Ron said...

Oh yes, this is Heaven. Lots of light, white and clean lines. Take me!

mistress maddie said...

You know I heading to the beach tomorrow right? So I just had to check this out. It stunning, where do I sign? And whist I am not complaining where I am staying it doesn't compare to the gem. And most new England costal towns have this same code about houses. Which is nice, as it ensures the beach look! Beautiful choice tootes!

R.J. said...

There once was a house in Nantucket, the pool was so long... very nice house!