Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Musings

Long ago ... okay, thirteen years ago .... in a state far, far away .... California .... I came across a man in an AOL chatroom. We began talking and joking and learning about one another.

Four months later, July 11th, 2000, I flew from California to Ft Lauderdale and met the man who would change my life forever, and for the better. We spent over a week together, and then the next month he flew to California to see me, and four months later I moved to Miami.

But this ride started thirteen years ago, today.

Happy Anniversary Of The Day We Met In Person, Carlos. Whoosh, that's a mouthful.

From the Good News File: Texas Governor Not-Gay Rick Perry has announced that he will not seek reelection: “The time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership. Today, I’m announcing I will not seek reelection as governor of Texas.”

The Bad News File: Perry will probably run for President in 2016.

The Good News File: He’ll quit the race soon after.

The Bad News File: The main contender to succeed Perry is virulently anti-gay Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who declared in April that any Texas municipality that offers domestic partners insurance to its employees is in violation of the state constitution. 

So, I loves me some Daniel Craig. As James Bond; as anyone. Talk about oozing sex appeal. Talk about a delicious hot body. Talk about looking good in a blue square-cut.

But then I read that Craig was starring in a film called Dream House which seemed like your standard ooh-scary-wannabe-horror film and I thought, “Why Danny, why?”

Then I saw it and it was pretty good, with a nice little twist a la The Others.

Another high pint? Though the film was directed by a man, there are many tight close-ups of Craig Rear Rend—though it’s sadly clothed. But there are plenty of shirtless Craig and plenty of tight T-shirt Craig.

All in all, a win-win for this Daniel Craig obsessed stalker fan.

So, this week Pat Robertson—who never uttered a rational thought in his entire life—said he wishes Facebook had a 'Vomit Button' he could use when he sees photos of Gay Couples.

This from a man who looks like a cartoon alien from the Flintstones? Really?

Paula Deen may do Dancing With The Stars. As if I needed another reason never to watch.

Speaking of Deen, I am trying to create a new language based on celebrity misdeeds: 

Last night we went to dinner and our server was black, so I Paula Deen’d the manager.

I got into a Twitter war yesterday and I Alec Baldwin’d the guy.

I don’t know what the big deal is? I was sitting with someone in my car and I got Eddie Murphy’d.

I have one request of the Tea Party: Spell-f&%$ing-check your signs before you head out of your trailers!

You go, ACLU!

The ACLU has filed suit in Pennsylvania, Virginia, llanos and North Carolina, claiming their anti-marriage equality bans are against the law in light of the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA.

The march is on …..

Hot Man Alert!

Steve Grand, former extremely hot underwear model has released a new song called 'All American Boy' which is the tale of one gay man's unrequieted--up to a point--love for his best friend.

He can sing … and he’s openly gay!

Hot. Gay. Sings. Hot.

A few months back it was announced Joy Behar was leaving The View. I was sad because I like Behar’s sense of humor and her politics. Then the rumor mills swirled that Barbara Walters would be retiring, and I thought, Yay! I mean, if I wanted to see a dotty old lady on TV, I’d NetFlix old episodes of Bewitched for the one with Aunt Clara. Amirite?

Walters declared she wasn’t retiring and then a month, later announced her retirement.

Then the story was that Republican Rightwingnut Elizabeth Hasselbeck was being ‘let go’ and again Walters said it wasn’t true, and that Hasselbeck was welcome there as long as she wanted.

Which proved to be true this week when it was announced that Hasselbeck was called home to the Mother Ship, AKA FauxNews, for their sadly named Fox & Friends show.

So, was Hasselbeck fired? Let go? Not renewed? Well, her last day on The View was the very day she made her announcement so it looks like the whole ‘letting go’ idea was right and that she was given time to find a new gig, or make a reasonable excuse as to why she was gone.

That leaves Whoopi—Thank the goddess for Whoopi—and Sherri Shepard, whom I think of as The Urkel of The View.

The Mama Grizzly Bore™, AKA MGB™, is rumored to be considering a run for the Senate from Alaska.

May I remind you, good people of Alaska, that when you elected her governor she quit halfway through?

So, elect her to the Senate and you’ll have her for just three of the six years before she declares it too hard and walks away.

Think twice, Alaska, think twice. 


the dogs' mother said...

Happy 13th!!! xoxoxoxox

Greg said...

Congratulations on 13 years! And I believe it's written into Daniel Craig's contract that he must appear shirtless in every movie.

R.J. said...

Isn't it the responsibility of homeowners to control their boarders?

Happy anniversary!!!

anne marie in philly said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LOVEBIRDS! may you have many many more years of love and snuggles!

pat robertson is an asshat!

Princess said...

Congratulations to both of you on celebrating 13! Yay!

Growing up i secretly wished for a "Vomit Button" every time i wittnessed boys and girls kissing in the playground...

I feel that after all these years the button would be well and truly worn out by now... I continue to dry retch in my mind with the constant bombardment of the flagrant display of public affection from heterosexual couples.

Mmmm... Daniel Craig....

Biki Honko said...

Happy Met-in-person-versary!!!

Daniel Craig is nummy yummy deluxe.

I think that Ol' Palin has lost her fan base here in Alaska. People were pretty miffed how she just up and quit. But there is rumors around that the reason she so suddenly quit is that it was to avoid being investigated, so of like a pre-plea deal.

I hope the ACLU manages to win in all of those states. Its way past time our country joins this century

truthspew said...

Congrats on lucky 13!

Now here's the thing, tea bagger and bigots seem to have the same problem with spelling. They must be one and the same.

For example during the last and final round of hearings on Marriage Equality in Rhode Island there's a photo of a guy holding a sign up that says it's "Inmoral". Then I looked through the photo set and a lot of them are holding similarly mis-spelled signs.

Life must be tough for a Tea Bagger or a Bigot or both.

Ron said...

Congratulations to you and Carlos on your 13th anniversary. I hope you have many more years together.

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary on your first meeting in person <3

I mean, if I wanted to see a dotty old lady on TV, I’d NetFlix old episodes of Bewitched for the one with Aunt Clara. Amirite?


And can I just say, I am so freaking glad they finally got rid of that uptight bitch Elizabeth Hasselbeck. But I really, REALLY miss Joy Behar on tv.


Raybeard said...

This is quite some varied batch of subjects - but first and foremost, CONGRATS to you and an.other on your 13th, with the promise of many more to come, you lucky twosome!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Re: Sarah Palin. Remember, in her happy little world its all about talking. Sarah is not a doer. Sarah is a publicity WHORE, and it the only job that she excells at.