Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: The Berwyn Mill

There are so many styles of architecture that i love, but I am especially fond of any architecture who can take an old structure--church, factory, water pumping station--and turn it into a beautiful home.
That's why I love The Berwyn Mill, a 19th-century water mill, located in Corwen, North Wales, that was transformed into a modern residence.
It shows it's age, yet it's very modern on the inside.
The DMD Group immaculately restored the 18th Century water mill with an extensive use of timber throughout the property which was a deliberate design concept to reflect the buildings original use as a working sawmill. The Mill occupies an idyllic rural position amongst 3 acres of terraced woodland, and features a landscaped garden and three peaceful woodland walks. Completing the setting, a tributary of the River Dee flows through the grounds forming a series of cascading waterfalls. 
It's rough; it's sleek; and it's currently for sale for $1.0 million.



Anonymous said...

You think you're walking into an old flagstone building, and then BAM! You're confronted with a wonderful surprise. I'm a sucker for minimalist interiors, and this one has a lot of warmth to it. Thanks for sharing!

Sean R.

mistress maddie said...

You sure do know how to wet a girl's appetite! I am in love with that back walk that comes down to the tranquil.

Anonymous said...

I love this place!

Biki Honko said...

I want this house! Best house you've posted in ages!