Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Ain't One To Gossip, But ....

I must have missed this story when it first came around, because it’s over a month old, and takes place at the Cannes Film Festival where Leonardo DiCaprio was, ALLEGEDLY, a giant douche.

Seems he spent the entire time partying, yacht-hopping, promoting his movie and trying to bone anything with two legs and a pulse; and a vagina, lest some of my more, um, gay readers think they had a chance with Leo.

But, in addition to The Hunt For Tail, Leo also racked up a $50,000 hotel tab; not for rooms; not for room service; not for that one bag of Macadamia Nuts in the room fridge. No, Leo ALLEGEDLY destroyed his suite at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc during the festival!

A source—and you know it’s Lohan, writing from jail rehab because she wishes she was there—says, “Every night, Leo would throw parties. He left cigarette burns on the carpet, bed and couch. And the bathtub and toilet were clogged, which caused a huge mess, and women’s underwear was everywhere!”

But, like his last film role, Jay Gatsby, Leo was the perfect gentleman on the way out and gladly coughed up the 50 G’s for the damages.

Still, um, Leo? Maybe use an ashtray and learn how to use a toilet and you can save yourself $50,000!


Poor Moo-riah Mariah Carey!

After living it up on the 4th of July, the poor dear dislocated her shoulder.
Some say she did so while filming her new music video.

I think it happened when she was trying to grab that last biscuit off the breakfast tray before anyone else got it.

Just sayin’.

Bromance alert.

Bradley “Husband In My head” Cooper and Gerard “Please Take A Bath” Butler were all aglow last week at Wimbledon, watching Andy Murray win one for the home team.

But, seriously? Matching suits? Selfies?

And Bradley’s ALLEGED girlfriend—some model named Sookie—was seated a couple of seats away and left totally out of the action, while Bradard, er, Gerley, yeah, definitely Gerley  cooed and giggled like a couple of love-struck English lads away at university.

Just sayin’.

You know, when you set Lindsay Lohan up as your idol, you don’t have to reach very far to be just like her. But you can end up looking like a Low Rent Lohan.

was sent to rehab to deal with the fact that she’s a media whore, porn star, alcoholic and ended up in the same facility as the Tanning Mom, Patricia Krentcil; you remember her, the Leather Faced Drunkard who fried her daughter in a tanning bed? Yeah, a couple of real winners.

But Farrah was kicked out of the rehab place after just ten days because she was a “disruptive influence” on other patients.  The single mother-of-one—paging Child Protective Services! Child Protective Services, Please—was involved in an argument with a nurse, brought a paparazzi into the facility for a photo shoot of her stay, bullied other patients because, you know, she’s Teen Mom, media whore, porn star, alcoholic, Farrah, and tried to take a  photo of Tanning Mom.

That was the last straw and out she went.

Teen Mom, Tanning Mom. If only there was a show called The Biggest loser … not for weight loss, but for being an actual loser.

Britney Spears. White trash with money. And a high-larious record producer in one William Orbit.

He Tweeted about working with Brit Brit—between fried chicken breaks—and when a fan suggested that maybe Spears could do a stripped down version of one of her songs—at least I’m hoping it was stripped down song and not stripped down Spears—Orbit Tweeted:
@britneyspears never needed that auto tune thing . . . just know how to make singers sing great

For the record, here’s a stripped down Brit singing Happy Birthday top LA Reid last year, and it makes me wish she had auto tune follow her around all the time.

Little Miss Justine Bieber is at it again.

It seems she’s been running late to all her concerts lately, forcing her, um, audience, to stay up well past their 7PM bedtime; she’s still terrorizing her neighbors by driving her car like a madwoman throughout his million dollar ‘hood; and now this:

A video is out there showing Bieber peeing into a mop bucket in a nightclub hallway—sidenote: I didn’t know she could pee standing up—and then raging through the hallways until finding a spray bottle of Windex and the spraying a picture of a former president and shouting, “F**k Bill Clinton!”

The best part of the video—and you can find it for yourselves, is watching the bodyguard who usually carried Miss Justine like a Baby Doll standing on the stairs watching Justine whip her teeny peeny out for a leak.

Hey, it’s a living, y’all.

Of course, when the video went viral, Miss Justine called the former President to apologize. Clinton ALLEGEDLY responded, “Who is this again?”

Which is what the world will be saying when Justine Bieber finally disappears.

Oh, JLo—or as Carlos calls her, Jello.

In a new interview where she’s been glammed up to look like a low-rent, knock-off Liz Taylor, JLo talks of the time she spent “homeless” before getting her big break as a Fly Girl on In Living Color back in 1991.

Except she wasn’t homeless in the sense of not having a home and sleeping in a cardboard box and panhandling for food, or giant underwear. She was slept-on-a-friend’s-couch homeless.

Plus, she could have stayed home, but, she says, her mother was getting on her nerves:
“My mom and I butted heads. I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to try dance full-time. So she and I had a break. I started sleeping on the sofa in the dance studio. I was homeless, but I told her, ‘This is what I have to do’. A few months later, I landed a job dancing in Europe. When I got back, I booked In Living Color. I became a Fly Girl and moved to LA. It all happened in a year.”
Homeless? Hardly. She was a self-indulgent little brat who ran away because Mommy was mean. And, read it clearly, ran away to Europe.

Note to Jello: Stop making up stories. You’re a demanding diva with little discernible talent and how you’ve managed to have a career that’s spanned these last twenty years is an amazing feat in and of itself.

But please, stop talking.

I like George Clooney. I think he’s a pretty good actor, and I like his humanitarian efforts in places like Darfur. I am not, however, one of those, Oh my god, he’s gorgeous fans.

But I do like a good story and the story this week that Clooney and longtime girlfriend Stacey Kiebler broke up is a story that will not die.

I mean, they broke up; big deal. Clooney breaks up with all his girlfriends because they each think he’ll marry them when, in fact, Clooney has never given an interview in which he doesn’t say, “I.Will.Never.Marry.Again.”

But these gals try and fail, and end up back in the Nobody Pile where Clooney found them.
However, an interesting note about the Kiebler Breakup—and rumored to have come from Camp Kiebler …where I'm guessing Clooney exes go to try and learn to love again—is that they broke up because they hadn’t had sex in “months” because they were always in different cities and George was hoping Stacey would get the hint and just go.

But the saddest part is that the couple—and this must mean the always in different cities line is true—broke up over the telephone. And not during telephone sex.

The couple ALLEGEDLY handled it like civil people, and Clooney told Kiebler he hoped they could still be friends; and then he gave her ten million bucks.

Checkbook say what?

Clooney girlfriend or high class hooker? You make the call.

Leah Remini used to be on a show called The King of Queens which I never saw, and then she was a co-host on The Talk, which I also never saw until after she got fired for thinking she was the star of the show. But I may have to look into her because Remini, who was a big Scientologist, has just left the church in a big way, and might be ready to talk.

She released a statement for her fans, but did not release a statement as to why she decided to leave the ALLEGED church—and gay bathhouse for Mister Sisters Cruise and Travolta … ALLEGEDLY—because ‘church’ leader David Miscavige, and how he and the church are corrupt, and that his wife is missing though Miscavige and the ‘church’ deny she’s missing.

Here’s Remini’s statement:
“I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and from fans around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support.”
Now, about Miscavige and the disappearing wife: Miscavige is married to fellow Sea Org member Shelly Miscavige, but she has not been seen in public in seven years. Sources—and it might be Kelly Preston, planning her escape—ALLEGE that Shelly disappeared from Gold Base—Seriously? Is this a church or a Bond flick?—shortly after filling “several job vacancies without her husband’s permission.” And now she is ALLEGEDLY being guarded at a church facility on Running Springs, California, near Lake Arrowhead. 

Lawyers, who work for the ‘church’ and ALLEGEDLY Shelly Miscavige, says she is not missing and devotes her time to the work of the Church of Scientology. They could not, however, provide any evidence about Shelly location or condition.

When Remini began questioning Shelly’s disappearance, the ‘church’ and Miscavige ALLEGEDLY began making her life intolerable, forcing her into all sorts of what they call ‘auditing’ programs until Remini finally had enough and walked out.

I say three things: 
Good for you, Leah. 
Watch your back Leah. 
And, c’mon Kelly Preston, you can do it, too!


Raybeard said...

Your posts are getting better than Perez Hilton - and I mean that in a GOOD way! Just don't start drawing unmentionable shapes on the photos, please.

Btw: I wonder if it's really true that little Leo is HUGELY endowed. I suppose a bit of fishing on the web would answer that one, but can't be bothered. Yeah, okay, okay - I'm insanely jealous!

Jim said...

Justin Bieber really stepped in it in Chicago this week when he walked on the Chicago Blackhawks Indian head logo in the locker room prior to a concert he was doing at the United Center.
Turns out he was getting a picture of the Stanley Cup trophy and that little turd (as he almost always does) made a spectacle of himself.
He also was thrown out of a night club (for being underage) later that evening.

the dogs' mother said...

Well, JustinB. is Canadian and was in diapers for half of Bill Clinton's presidency... (maybe all of it)

R.J. said...

I'm still amazed Miss Justine can pee standing up. I still think he'll open for Taylor Hicks at some no-name county fair in the middle of the country one of these days.

Teen Mom is so stupid. The knucklehead bought an EPT kit thinking she could get pregnant from what James Deen did to her in that movie.

What Clooney did was so 2004. Doesn't he know you break up by text nowadays?

mistress maddie said...
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mistress maddie said...

Greetings Bob! What another train wreak again! I just had to check out your gossip this week....always a must!

anne marie in philly said...

oh man, another house of horrors this week! WHEN will miss justine wind up in jail next to bubba the love god? hee hee!

Agnes Goldberg-DeWolfs said...

Years ago my husband and I stayed a couple times in the legendary Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. I find it hard to believe they let a room get to this level of mess, unless DiCaprio declined service. They were always looking after our needs. Never did care for DiCapro. What has Hollywood come to. No manners, no style, no decorium, no morals. They need to take notes from Old Hollywood and keep problems and personal issues behind closed doors. And they seem to not even care what's in the public's eye.

Ron said...

I really wonder about Bradley Cooper. My gaydar doesn't tick completely off the counter but there is some movement. I wonder.

Mariah Carey, the piglet who wants to be "all skinny" like those starving African folks. However, she qualified her statement that she didn't want "all those flies and stuff". Mariah, a woman who gives pigs a bad rep.

Speaking of pigs, Leo? Always was and always will be a self-absorbed, flabby slob.

And the saving the best for last: one of my schadenfreude pleasures these days is watching her "career" rapidly disintegrate like a satellite reentering the earth's atmosphere. He better bank away a few million for when he becomes today's version of Lief Garrett

Ron said...


Bob's posts ARE better than Perez Hilton. Perez is vastly overrated and much to stilted. Either he's afraid of getting sued or he thinks eventually he'll be a star himself. Bob's the man!

Ron said...

I agree with you on George Clooney. Good actor, good producer and a philanthropist with worthy causes which I appreciate plus he had a pet pig. But I too and not among those "Oh my God, he's gorgeous fans." There is sex appeal and then there is sex appeal.