Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Homophobic Tweets

I'm still new to this Twitter business. I mostly like to have fun, be a bit irreverent, and, well, promote ISBL when I can.
Sometimes Twitter can teach you things, and sometimes it can expose things. Like, on March 12, 2012,  when the hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic. People used this hashtag to "tweet to" their future child. 
I assume most were loving and nice, but there were some that were, well, these are real Tweets from real people saying they would murder their child if he or she was gay. The Tweets are presented by by @Homophobes, a Twitter account that exposes homophobia.
Hold on:

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    #ToMyUnbornChild if you so much as think about being a homosexual I'll put a bullet in your damn skull
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    #ToMyUnbornChild u bet not be gay. Because I will hang u at da first sign of gayness!!!
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    #ToMyUnbornChild i'll kill you if you were gay!"
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if you turn out gay, I will burn you alive.
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    #ToMyUnbornChild u betta not be gay mi ahh fi kill u
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    #ToMyUnbornChild If you're gay, I'll kill you.

There are more. There were up to 100 Tweets from people, and i use the term 'people' quite loosely, who would sign their names, and a photo, to a Tweet about murdering a gay child.
Now, I can imagine some of these "people" wouldn't actually murder their gay child, bu that they thought they were just being funny.
They aren't funny.
When LGBTQ youth are killing themselves with regularity rather than face a world that taunts them and bullies them and berates them for being who they are, Tweeting about killing a gay child is the furthest thing from funny you can find.
I hope any of you who follow these people whose Tweets I've shared [and there are more HERE if you dare to go] would simply choose to unfollow hate.
Unfollow bigotry.,
Unfollow intolerance.
Unfollow bullying.


froggy said...

Beyond being hateful - this stuff lives forever on the interwebz. It is going to be easier and easier to search, and find, past idiocy. Consequences.

Anonymous said...

This is one instance where I don't love America. Over the weekend a Swansea University student in England made racist tweets when Fabrice Muamba collapsed during a soccer game due to cardiac arrest. The student was arrested and may go to prison. Yes, they can actually do that in England.

Too bad they can't do that to these miserable f*cks.

designing wally said...

And these people want to pass on their genes????

Mind Of Mine said...

This might be so wrong but I actually find some of these hilarious!

Tivo Mom said...

anyone can reproduce and that makes me sad...

S'A said...

People that write this kind of stuff to be "funny", or just find it funny, are the ones whose children become bullies.

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twunty mcslore said...

#ToMyUnbornChild, I hope you grow up to kill homophobes.