Monday, March 12, 2012

Yet Another South Carolina Crooked Politician

Ah, South Carolina politics. Liars, adulketers, thieves. Nikki Haley. And now add Lt. Governor Ken Ard to that list. 
See, Ken has resigned his position following a year-long ethics scandal. Year-long; since probably from the moment he was sworn in as Lt. Governor.
His ethics trouble began right after the was election in 2010 when campaign disclosure forms showed that he had been using campaign funds for things like hotel rooms, gas, meals, airfare, postage, advertising, phone services, and consulting.
Um, but aren't campaiugn funds for the campaign and not for personal use, Ken?
His excuse is, and I quote, "I've got a vast amount of my personal wealth tied up in this campaign and I'm just trying to recoup as much of that as I can."
Oh, so he put his own moiney into the campaign and that gives him the right to steal it ask for it back? Well, maybe he should give it back to his supporters, since he ran for the job, and then got the job, on their dime, too.
After a 5-month investigation,Ken Ard was found guilty of 92 campaign finance violations and ordered to pay more than $60,000 in fines.
Hmmm, maybe Ken Ard shoukd'a just called it a loss, because that's some mighty hefty fine. Who's he gonna steal from to pay that off?



Wonder Man said...

what's in the water over there?

Bob said...

Mostly bourbon, I'm guessing.

froggy said...

Wonder Man beat me to it!