Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Luck Of The Irish

In yet another poll, marriage equality advocates have found that public support for same-sex marriage has risen to 73%.
Nearly three quarters of those asked said they would agree with the statement: “Same sex marriage should be allowed in the Constitution”.
The results were presented to Ireland’s Oireachtas in a report prepared for the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on the last Constitutional referendum. Kieran Rose, Chair of Ireland’s Gay and Lesbian Equality Network said: “The poll confirms the openness of Irish people and their support for further critically important progress to achieving equality for lesbian and gay people. GLEN’s goal, and that of lesbian and gay people, is access to civil marriage which is the only option that will achieve equality of status with opposite-sex couples and which would underpin a wider equality for lesbian and gay people.” In.Ireland.
This is great news, and bigs news; the last marriage equality poll in 2008 put support for the idea at 56%.
Way to step up.



Joy said...

Other good news from Ireland is the Catholic Archbishop I saw on 60 Minutes who challenges the church on the child abuse crisis. If you didn't see it, please do. Wonderful man and report!

jp said...

Doesn't marriage involve a church and a blessing by God? If so then it is ludicrous for gay people to want to be married in the house of the deity that states quite clearly they will burn in Hell.

If a gay couple want to pledge some kind of allegiance in a civil ceremony then why not but let's not get hypocritical about it.

Stephen said...

Like most Americans, I am part Irish.

JP- A marriage may, but does not need to involve a church or a blessing from God. But, there are many church's that will marry same-sex couples.

My Husband & I were married in a civil ceremony in British Columbia.

Bob... are you married?