Thursday, March 01, 2012

Random Musings

Rick Santorum, he of the delusions of Biblical proportions, was in Troy, Michigan last week and told the crowd that kids shouldn't go to college. He says liberal professors would "indoctrinate" them, and "remake" them in the image of Barack Obama. This, apparently, is the only reason Barack Obama wants kids to pursue higher education. 
And, as Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum, concluded he said, of the President of the United States, "What s snob!"
No, it's not snobbery Ricky, it's intelligence and understanding and compassion.
All things you severely lack.

I had a dream the other night that Carlos and I were arguing about....something. But we were living in Black-and-White, not amazing Technicolor®, which I found disconcerting.
Then, mid-argument, I realize that, while it is Carlos with whom I'm arguing, he has morphed into former My Three Sons dad, Fred MacMurray; although he was more Son of Flubber MacMurray than MTS MacMurray.
This jolted me awake, until I realized that MacMurray also played The Absentminded Professor and that is how I often see Carlos. 
Still, was it weird that I wanted to talk to Uncle Charlie about it?

Okay, I admit it, I'm over America Idol. A few years back I gave up watching the freak show they call the audition process, because it had turned into Let's make fun of crazy people who can't sing by putting 'em on TV, crushing their dreams, and then laughing behind their backs. 
And I gave up on Hollywood Week because the singertestants--yeah, that doesn't work at all--were told to Bring it and not to make any mistakes because it was a one shot deal, and then morons who forgot the words were sent through because their mama back in Butcher Holler has leukemia.
Then we get to the Top Twelve, er, Twenty Four, er, Eighty-eight, however many, and they trot out a fifteen-year-old boy who says he'll be singing Adele. 
But that's what Eben Franckewitz did last night, looking all WalMart Bieber-ish and stuff. His take on 'Set Fire To The Rain' was painful, and not in the painful break-up-with-a-bad-boyfriend way like Adele sings, but painful in the You-shouldn't-be-singing-this-song kind of way.
And he shouldn't be on TV at fifteen. I don't think he can handle the pressure, especially after listening to those three "judges" Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum and J-nipple-Lo ooh and aah over him, and call him a professional, and how he really nailed it at the end.
Note to singertestants--yeah, still not working--Don't sing Adele unless you have the chops.
And are old enough to drive.

In an effort to mess with the election process some, progressive activists have been encouraging Democrats in open primaries to vote for Rick Santorum to further fracture the GOP nomination process. 
Sad and pathetic Dems. Seriously.
But then Rick Santorum, so desperate to become president--and I giggle because that won't happen--actually capitalized on that plan and had his Hell Hounds robocall Michigan voters asking for the same thing.
And it may have worked. While Mittsy easily took Arizona with 47.3% of the vote, in Michigan it was a narrower margin--41.1% to 37.9%--and Mittsy and Frothy split the delegates equally.

Sharon Needles doing Michelle Visage on RuPaul's Drag Race Snatch Game the other night was high-larious. And couple that with her Botox-injecting runway and she still remains one of my favorite girls.
Now, out of drag, he looks a little drug-addict-on-the-street-homeless, which I find very strange. And don't get me started on his hair, cut and color.
But slap some make-up and a wig on him and he's brazilliant.

Thank goodness Paul won on Top Chef.
I really liked his cooking style, and the way his manly thighs looked in Levis, and his dignity and kindness during the season, and the way his manly thighs looked in Levis.
Sarah, on the other hand, was not a nice person, nasty to her competitors, smack-talking, and delusional.
Her last comment, "I should have won." sums it all up.
No, you shouldn't.No, you didn't.
Congrats Paul!

Good news for California, bad news for H8ers.
A new Field Poll shows greater support for same-sex marriage than ever before in California.
Fifty-nine-percent approve of equality now. And, apparently, the most significant gains came from Catholics, Latinos, and older voters, who realize now that NOM and the Mormon Church lied their asses off with all their fear-mongering and hate back in '08.
In a separate question, 51% of respondents said gays should be allowed to marry--up from 44% two years ago. Just 29% support civil unions but not marriage and only 15% favor no legal recognition at all because they're still living in caves.
Maybe California will one day, soon, do the right thing.

Programming note:
We have family coming to visit next week, and while I have some pre-planned things to get through the week, posting will be extremely light; unless I post some pictures of our adventures hither and yon.
Well, maybe not pictures of Yon, they're kinda racist up there.
But Hither is nice.


froggy said...

Rick Santorum is going to be here! Tonight! I've already told Abby she can't go. She's taking it out on Tar.

Princess said...

All the alleged "talent finding" shows have steadily spiralled down to snide gossip, examples of overt bullying disguised thinly as entertainment, and promotion of popular pretty people that sadly can't sing a note to save themselves.
I turned off this crap years ago...

designing wally said...

Sweetie, I am Uncle Charlie....

Santorum and anyone that supports him are all ignorant idiots of biblical proportions.... I hope he wins the primary! Then we won't have to continue watching that mammoth stop writhing in its agony....

R.J. said...

Maybe when Frothy says goodbye to his litter of kids as they travel abroad to apply for customer care jobs that pay $15k a year he'll understand the value of a college education.

Mitch Block said...

Thanks for being tired of Idol. I am, too, and I skip reading whenever it's mentioned.

So glad there will be no pictures of Yon! Enjoy the family.

twunty mcslore said...

Santorum gets caught being a hypocrite yet again. Dude has one more degree than Obama does. IDIOT.

mrs.missalaineus said...

it's like santorum is telling my kids in the city to keep being mediocre so they can become his drones...