Monday, March 05, 2012

Dorothy Bond Is A Horrible Person

Up in Brownsville, Tennessee--where homophobia rules-- Dorothy Bond, principal at Haywood High School, is been under fire for controversial statements about gay students and teen pregnancy.
Bond is accused of making insensitive remarks during a meeting with students, and parents are irate that a school official would say such things.
Amber Whittiemore says, “At first [Bond] was talking about PDA and she turned around and she directly pointed to the gay people and said if you're gay you're going to hell and if you're pregnant, you're life is over.”
Haywood High School parent Tony Snipes said: “When I heard about it, I was outraged. A couple of years ago when she was principal over at Sunny Hill one of my children had his hair in braids. At an assembly she told the young men if they're sitting between the legs of a girl getting their hair braided for a few hours, that they must be gay.”
This is a school principal. Of course, it's in Tennessee, so, it's kind of understandable. And, naturally, not everyone is coming down on Haywood's Principal.
Another parent, Jeff Hooper, says, "I'm behind her, I'm behind her 100 percent”
He'd probably tell his gay kids they were going to hell, too. And Hooper continues putting his bigot shoe in his bigot mouth: “Whatever she said, she loves those kids. She taught them from the ground up; she has their best interest at heart.”
No better way to tell a kid you love them than to say they're going to hell, or that their life is over.
Tony Snipes called the superintendent of Haywood County Schools, who said he would talk with the principal, and the next day he was told that Dorothy Bond said, “‘I'm sorry if I offended you but my view is still the same you're not welcome here.’"
Wow. I keep telling myself this is Tennessee, where you can't say 'gay' and shouldn't watch Modern Family, according to many in the state legislature, but having a school principal outright say that gay students aren't welcome.....
When will her ass be handed to her?
When will Dorothy bond be out of a job?
Even if it is Tennessee.

If you'd like, send Dorothy Bond and email []to tell her how you feel. I did.
UPDATE In light of the controversy, and the fact that she is completely idiotic, Dorothy Bond resigned her position as principal.


froggy said...

When I was in high school and in choir and various small singing groups our female choir teacher said, 'if you sit on a boy's lap you should put down a telephone book first.'
I had NO idea what she was talking about... so couldn't be offended for my fellow male choir kids. (Tried choir boys and choir members but it just didn't work).

Sam said...

Yes. Ex-principal. What I thought she should be referred to when reading the headline that read principal.

Tiger Chanter said...

Good riddance to bad garbage!

R.J. said...

She's now a horrible, unemployed person. Or whatever they call those Tea Party supporters nowadays.

Sean said...

Bob - you write so well and I usually agree with everything you write but I disagree with your use of the word "understandable."

Of course, it's in Tennessee, so, it's kind of understandable.

There is nothing understandable about what this terminated principal said and did. I think a better word would be "expected."

twunty mcslore said...

Good, I'm glad that paragon of values resigned. She has no business being around kids, let alone being in charge of them.

Wonder Man said...

yup, she's out of there

Tivo Mom said...

I actually enjoy reading these posts about stupid people when the outcome is like this one. I have a harder time with the others because the stupid people just continue to be stupid in their same capacity. No one should be an educator when they are this bassackwards....

Joy said...

It's embarrassing enough to live in TN without your lumping us all into the same Teabagging bigoted group. That was ONE idiotic state legislator, not many, and a horrible principal, not the majority. I've lived and taught school here for sixty years and know we have too many rednecks, racists, homophobes, and way too many fundamentalist hypocrites; however, there are MANY people here like me and my friends. I'm not the only one. Those others are the ones who get the publicity. Unfortunately we don't have a monopoly on ignorance and hate. If we did, I'd move. I would like to live where it's more liberal but surround myself by them as much as possible.

I'm glad you wrote about her but not the sweeping generalizations you included in the post.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say something. I am a student at Haywood high. I was also here when this happened my freshman year. She was my principal since the 5th grade . the media took everything and twisted it around. But guess what ? When they own the information, they can bend it all they want. Mrs. Bond was simply explaining what will and will not be tolerated at Haywood high school. If you were to walk down the hallways of Haywood high school that year, you would have also made a speech about what you would not tolerate. Ms Bond never said if you're pregnant your life is over. She still has a job in the school system and I'm glad she does. If you do not live in Haywood your comments are irrelevant. The two people that said to the news reporter that ms bond said these things, one went to jail shortly after for animal cruelty. The other young lady is actually struggling. She probably should have listened to Ms bond. Every time ms bond gets up to speak at a Haywood high school event, she is welcomed with a thunderous round of applause and cheers and screams from my classmates and also me . Before you are taken in by the media and it's power over reality... Stop and think. Thank you