Monday, December 06, 2010

Small Thoughts From Smallville

Man, is it cold in Smallville. We're barely getting to the high 40s during the day and down to the teens at night--makes me almost miss that balmy South Florida weather......Almost.
So, in the chill of day, Carlos and I strung the outside lights yesterday, and then will be doing the tree this evening. We usually do this holiday jazz the weekend of Thanksgiving, but since we were out of town, we are one week behind. But I can say, with a hint of pride, that no one--and by no one, I mean Carlos--was harmed in the process of putting up the outside lights. There was some shouting and dirty looks, but I don't think he minded!
I cannot say the same for decorating the tree. I tend to become a little Martha Stewart with a touch of Kim Jong Il, so it could get explosive.

Yesterday we finally went to see Burlesque! I know, bad gays, but some things can't be helped. And I was was pleasantly surprised, after all the negative stuff I'd read online about it, that Burlesque was a fluffy fun enjoyable way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon.
So many people talked about how much it cost, which is somewhere in the $55 million range, but, to me, it seemed as if all the money was onscreen. The costumes and sets, and musicals numbers were lush and lovely and fun. Christina is in fabulous voice, so much so that even Mr I-Don't-Know-Nothing-About-Pop-Culture, Carlos, was amazed.
"She has a fabulous voice," he said at one point.
"I know," I politely sneered, "I told you so."
And people also snarked about the story, or perhaps, lack of story, but it's a musical, bits of Cabaret and Chicago and Showgirls with a soupçon of All About Eve. It wasn't meant to be the great American movie, it was meant to be fun, and it was.
Cher was Cher, and that's just fantastic; Christina held her own, and looked gorgeous. Cam Gigandet made me wanna start wearing guyliner, and, well, he has a hot ass. Stanley Tucci is, as always, just wonderful, and I'd like to put this out in the universe: someone team Cher and The Tooch again. They have such great chemistry together that it needs to be done again and again.
So, see it for the fun and the flash and the fun and the music and Cher, of course!

Mama Grizzly Bore [MGB] was in South Carolina, very near Smallville, signing copies of the book she "wrote" and people were all abuzz about it. Where was she staying? Did you see her? Yuck. And then I saw a Teabagger--you could tell he was a teabagger by the baseball cap, the Coors in his hand, and the blank in-bred stare on his face--who was all about showing off his signed copy of her book.
I so wanted to ask him if it was a full book, or did the pages suddenly turn blank about halfway through. Was that her whole signature, or was it just Sarah P....but I figured with the blank stare and the obvious infusion of good old Amurican beer, it might be wise to avoid him. Best not to poke a teabagger when they have their Coors on.

Once again, I wonder how I don't get fired from my job. A photographer was talking to my boss about taking his picture for something or another, and my boss said to me, "Hey Bob, this guy wants to shoot me for a magazine."
I said, "Big deal, I've been wanting to shoot you for three-and-half-years."
Then the photographer was talking about where he would put my boos, and how he would photograph him, and how he would light him, so, and I can't help myself, I said, "Does 'lighting' him need any sort of flame and gasoline, because, if so, I'm in.":
Luckily my boss understands my sense of humor [?].


froggy said...

First... we need to find the lights.

Kyle said...

Nice to see the cool weather hasn't dulled your sense of humor. I'm looking forward to seeing Burlesque, when it is out on DVD, Stan not so much. Decorating here is about three quarters of the way done. I'm alot like you in the Kim Jong Il, department, so Stan just waits everything until everything is done to offer suggestions, unless I ask for assistance. It is nice to have a smart husband.

R.J. said...

In my 'hood they sometimes steal Christmas decorations so I put the lights on my entertainment center so I could amuse the cats.

Coors? Bleech! I don't go near the stuff. I'm a microbrew kind of gal.

OMG you can actually say those kind of things to your boss? Wish I could get away with anything remotely like that.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I have a similar relationship with my new boss, it makes things much easier and more fun.