Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I Missed...

I picked a helluva couple of weeks to be sick. I missed so much; so many things I would have had something to talk about.
No more DADT, Finally, the United States takes a giant leap away from Discriminationville and realizes that LGBT Americans deserve the same rights as all Americans. It was also nice to see our elected officials doing the job for which they were elected, and not playing the usual BS games of party lines and politics. The one thing I miss about the repeal of DADT?
I would have loved to have seen John McCain's head explode as the vote came in. I would have loved to have seen him eat all those studies, and his own words, about wanting the repeal, when it is quite clear that he is a homophobic bigot of epic proportions.
You lost, McCain. Feels like 2008 all over again, doesn't it?

Mama Grizzly Bear was awarded MediaMatters Misinformation Award for being an illiterate dumbass who says whatever she wants and calls it the truth because she said it.
Death panels! Remember that old chestnut. She said Obamacare would pick and choose who gets to live.
FoxNews! She joined that bastion of all that is fair and balanced, along with fellow wingnuts and presidential wannabes Mike Huckabee, and the serial adulterer New Gingrich.
The oil spill! She said Obama didn't care about it. Drill, baby, drill!
The stimulus! She said it didn't work, but, um, what about eh stimulus money she took for Alaska, and all the independent studies that showed the stimulus did, in fact, help. Not so, because The Bore says not so.
The Circus Tent Show with recovering drug addict Glenn Beck! 'Nuff said.
Refudiate! Just when you thought no one could mangle the English language worse that W, along comes MGB, who uses the kerfuffle to compare herself to William Shakespeare!
So, if you don't want the truth, but just want the MGB version, look no further than the Misinformer Of The Year!

I also kissed the annual Christmas tour of lights here in Smallville.
Some folks go all out with these gorgeous light displays on their centuries old homes, garland streaming from the verandas, Christmas trees in every room, silver and gold glistening all over town.
Then there are the Smallvillians who take a string of lights out of a box in the garage, throw it into an oak tree, turn it on and call it Christmas.

Camille soon-to-be-ex-Grammer's dinner party, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, with nutjob psychic and sidekick Allison DuBois who chained smoked a fake cigarette and bashed everyone who wasn't Camille.
And then the following episode where balloon-lipped Taylor was trying on Roaring Twenties costumes for her Roaring Twenties party and literally cringed in horror when her stylist asked if she'd wear costume jewelry.

Spike getting Knifed, literally and figuratively, on Top Chef: All-Stars. Did he not see last season? Did he not know that Angelo doesn't play fair? And why wasn't Jamie forced to serve her rock hard chickpeas? I mean, she didn't even serve a dish and yet she wasn't Knifed. Between that and her "stitches" a couple of weeks back, Jamie is getting the I Don't Have To Cook To Win This Thing edit.

The Fashion Show started off strong. I liked the idea of the two houses competing against one another, and the designers seemed to be rather talented--some more than others of course. And then there was Calvin, the Diva Bitch Designer From Hell to add drama, and stern taskmaster Iman to keep me seated at all times.
But in the last couple of weeks the designers have lost all sense of design and it is veering dangerously close to The Fashion No of last season.
Why, oh why, is Calvin, who has won nothing, won't work with the other designers, and is mostly unintelligible, still on the show?
Iman? Anyone?

And what about the nun who was excommunicated because she allowed an abortion to be performed on a woman when it was clear that both mother and unborn child would die without it?
The Catholic wingnuts went crazy over that, and yet I sat and wondered, Where was the excommunication rule when priests were fucking little boys?
Is the Church saying child rape is okay, but abortion is just not?

I picked a helluva couple of weeks to be sick. Oy!


froggy said...

Good to have you back in form!
Calvin is suffering from the too good a character to auf treatment.
Jamie just seems dispirited, I predict an early auf.

R.J. said...

Glad to see you back. I watched C-SPAN2 when the vote happened and John McCain was nowhere to be found on camera when the vote went down. Strangely enough, he was back on TV a few minutes later to start debate on the START treaty as if nothing happened.

Kyle said...

We missed you Bob. Glad you are back up to full strength.:)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are feeling better and are back to your feisty self :o)

BosGuy said...

Just echoing everyone else's thoughts that its good to see you back.

Thanks for the update on Target - although my lack of support will not be missed since I've probably only stepped in that store twice in 2010.