Thursday, December 09, 2010

Top Chef All Stars: Sound Bites

As you can see, we are getting our first look at this weeks chefs. Elia has been erased from the promo shot, and left the show, presumably with all her hair in tact.

I wasn't fond of last night's episode because I didn't like the team challenge when they are seventeen cheftestants. No one really gets airtime, and it just seemed to drag.

I laughed when Dale T. said he had no idea who Joe Jonas was, because you know, deep down inside, he was squealing like a girl.
Tiffani admitted she was an "asshole" during her season when they had a challenge for kids, so she made up for it this time.

Tre needs to cook naked. That's all.

Jamie cut her finger and left the challenge, leaving all other chefs talking war wounds, and duck tape, and manning up, and so on. I was leaning a bit toward Team Jamie on this one until she came back and said something about two stitches. last week, in my own personal Top Chef kitchen, whilst using the mandolin, I sliced a chunk off my thumb and bled all over the place. Jamie should'a done that.

Joe Jonas is cute, and I feel like a dirty old man.

There wasn't enough Carla and not one single Hootie Hoo, except for the man in the side chair in a living room in Smallville.

Jen is nasty, and argumentative, and just rude. Her food looked bad. Her eggs were called bland. Her dish was called Soft on Soft with a side of Soft, and a dash of Bland. But she wasn't having it and barked at the judges that they were wrong. Jen got Knifed. And not for being an argumentative bitch, but for being just plain bad.

Marcel and Richard and Angelo won for a Banana Parfait, and Angelo, completely discounting his mini-team, announced that he had won two challenges and was a force to be reckoned with, "to be honest witch u." Of course, then Marcel announced he should have won the singular honor because more of his components made it to the plate. Richard, on the other hand, said a gracious Thank you and left the judges table to got fix his hair.

What did you think?
Tre's hot, right?


froggy said...

I loves childrens - but I could have done without the screaming hordes! They were much more enjoyable the next day - exhausted. I'm wondering what Bravo/NBC has up their sleeves with the Jonas Brothers. We would have Hootied with you!

Wonder Man said...

I agree on Tre

David Dust said...

Tre needs to appear shirtless on every show, on every network, forever and ever. Amen.


Joy said...

Jen has turned nasty and obnoxious. Glad she is gone. Agree with you about Tre!