Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Ain't One To Gossip, But.......

Barbra Streisand has written a book, y'all!
No, not about her life! Babs don't tell
Instead, she has authored a book on interior design, called My Passion For Design, which really is nothing more than a tour of her own homes and their decor. It's more "Look at me and my fabulous life" than it is "And then I chose this fabric for the drapes because it matches my eyes."
But that isn't what worries me. No. Take a gander at the cover.
Doesn't that dog look terrified?
I bet he's not supposed to be on the couch and he knows that once the picture is taken, Babs is gonna slash him with a French tip.
I'd be scared, too.

Just rumor. Just speculation.
But that's what you came for so here it is:
It looks like Glee, known for its fantastic casting--Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and NPH--just might have hit the mother lode.
Susan Boyle.
Apparently it isn't entirely set, but Glee creator Ryan Murphy would like to have Boyle on during the Christmas episode next season.
Susan Boyle. Glee. Christmas.

You know, I understand when actors try to model their careers on the lives of someone they admire, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers is taking it to the next level.
He seems to want to be the new Lindsay Lohan. Like we're through with the old one!
See, he's checking himself into rehab for the fourth time after getting all drunk and N-wordy on a flight from New York to London.
Jonathan was banned from boarding--and subsequently permanently banned for life--a United Airlines flight at JFK in New York because he was too drunk.
But this isn't his first drunken bad time at an airport.
Last year, he was arrested at a bar in Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport for reportedly challenging police to a fight. He was also taken into custody in Ireland in 2007 for drunkenly fighting with airport staff.
Hmmm. Airports. Drunk.
Someone needs to stay off planes.
And outta bars.
And away from anything resembling Lohan.

And, speaking of Lohan and booze....
Crazy could see some jail time.
See, instead of sending Lohan to jail after her infamous DUI arrest, LA judge Marsha Revel required that the wacktress attend one alcohol education class per week., saying it would allow Lohan to get a handle on her addictions.
And, ALLEGEDLY, Lindsay has only completed 10 out of 13 classes in the two years or so she's been given, so the judge wants her back in court to answer for her actions.
Sounds fair, except that Lohan is in Cannes, promoting a movie she hasn't made yet, in which she plays a porn star.....typecasting....and has come up with a number of excuses as to why she might miss her court date.
First up, it was that nasty Icelandic volcano.
Then the weathermen cleared all that up, so the excuse became that her passport was stolen. Except she never reported it stolen.
So, now there is one mighty pissed off judge in California.
UPDATE: a warrant was issued for Lohan's arrest. They're gonna ankle-bracelet her and subject her to random drug tests.
Life's a party, eh, Linds?
Now, don't get me wrong. i like me some Beyonce, but is she the only female recording artist out there?
I mean, the BET Awards have just nominated her for a bunch of 2010 music awards for an album that came out over two years ago.
Best R&B Female? Seriously?
Didn't she already win that one for the same album?
Is there no one else out there?
Is this thing on?
I'm liking this news because I like Desperate Housewives and I love Vanessa Williams.
I love that she was the first Black Miss America before being dethroned for doing some nudie-patootie pictures.
But, did she disappear? Nope. Sink into the sand in shame? Nope.
She is probably the most famous former Miss America EVER. Go on, think of another one....I'll wait.
Told you so.
And now that her bitchy turn as Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty is over, she's taking the attitude to Wisteria Lane.
That's NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta up there.
Before. And after,
She was a fine lookin' woman before, but now she looks like a bad Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum rendition of Mary J Blige's mama.
Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

TMZ has pics of LiLo at Cannes, including one in a hotel room where she's sitting on the edge of a bed and in the foreground there's a table. On that table? A mirror with two lines of cocaine.

She's definitely in trouble.

froggy said...

ah, yes, celebrities writing books - how embarrassing.

SteveA said...

Babs and a book on design - I'm a fan of the woman but I draw the line on that book - no thank you!

So Jonathan Meyers - a drunk - does he think he's a diva - but wait - isn't he Irish - I thought he would have been able to hold his liquor!

Susan Boyle - Glee - rock on!

I am tired of Beyonce - ok she's got a booty that has a mind of it's own - but please - I've had enough!

Damien Oz said...



***runs around in a circle screeching like a 6 year old girl***

I know ......... pant pant..... I know I shouldn't but I am Gay AND Tribe....... this is like a new holy book from Moses!!!

K'CHING !!! PURCHASE !!!!!!!

Michael Rivers said...

I love how Barbra matched her clothing to the colors of the furniture in the room. Love it!

Howard said...

Another Miss America - Lee Merriwether, Catwoman on the Batman TV show. Don't ask me how I know that she was a Miss America, just another odd factoid...

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! I just loooove pix of celebritards. And what's up with NeNe? She's a hotmess... personified. It's bizzaro how people who are already physically attractive damage themselves like that.

And Susan Boyle. Lunch lady. Glee...and Christmas!? I AM SO THERE!

Joy said...

Barbra said on Oprah that she plants flowers seen out of windows to coordinate with the decor of the rooms. Attention to detail or control freak? Yeah, the dog.