Monday, May 03, 2010

He's Obviously Not A Breast Man

That's the Virginia state seal up there. It's nice. Cute, A little cartoon nipple.

And that peek at nipple has Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli all hot and bothered. See, he don't like boobage out where everyone can see it and, well, god knows what. So he gave his staff a PG version of the seal with the nipple hidden behind an armored breastplate.


The real deal seal features the Roman goddess Virtus in a pose that Cuccinelli thinks suggests she might be about to compromise her virtue. Her blue tunic is draped over one shoulder, leaving her left breast exposed in the original wardrobe malfunction.

So Cuccinelli covered it up, and now, Virginia is laughing at him, Smallville is laughing at him, and soon......

The World!

Cuccinelli, who is notoriously homophobic, as witnessed when he told state colleges and universities they don't have legal authority to prevent discrimination against gay employees, is obviously breast-phobic, too, though he tried to mask it with a feeble excuse:

"The seal on my pin is one of many seal variations that were used before a uniform version was created in 1930. I felt it was historic and would be something unique for my staff. My joke about Virtue being a little more virtuous in her more modest clothing was intended to get laughs from my employees -- which it did! Just because we've always done something a certain way doesn't mean we always have to continue doing it that way. Now seriously, can we get on with real news?"

You're the one who brought it up, Ken, and then covered it up.


truthspew said...

Reminds me of a fracas somewhere in the northeast when a family did a torso of Venus with breasts!

This got a bunch of peoples underwear in a twist.

The family had to cover the breast and pubic area of the torso of Venus.

Biki said...

That's what happens when you divorce the function of the breasts to one of only sexual attraction. If they were viewed as to their primary role of food supplier for babies maybe so many people wouldnt be having issues with them being exposed.